Discover The Perfect Equipment to Prepare Tofu Dishes

While Tofu may seem like a novelty to someone, it has been used in China for more than 2,000 years. Still, better to it find out later than never! This high-protein product is used in both sweet and savory dishes due to its taste characteristics. What is more, Tofu is also often used as a meat substitute in various dishes for baking, frying, grilling, boiling, and so on. Is cooking tofu tricky? What equipment do you need for it? Let’s find out!

Discover The Perfect Equipment to Prepare Tofu Dishes

You do not need special preparation for cooking Tofu. Most probably, you will find almost all the necessary tools for its cooking in your kitchen. Although, if you want to prepare in advance and to cook Tofu like a true pro, the equipment you will need:

A Tofu press.

After you remove the Tofu from the package, you have to rinse it and press the water out. That is especially important if you are using medium-firm or extra firm tofu. If there is no other solution, you can try to dry it with paper towels or press it between the two cutting boards or plates.

However, this option will take time, your kitchen will look messy, while the result probably won’t be satisfying. This is an essential step in making Tofu to make it delicious. Therefore, worth contacting a tofu press provider and get the tofu press to start cooking Tofu as tasty as possible.

A knife.

Since the Tofu comes in blocks, you have the option to cut it into pieces of the size you like the most. While it is common to cut Tofu into cubes, you are also free to experiment. For example, you can add triangular pieces of Tofu instead of cubes to salads or pasta. In this way, evenly fried pieces will look aesthetically pleasing on the plate.

However, to get their perfect shape, it is necessary to have a good knife. Although there is no special knife for cutting Tofu, it is recommended to choose the one you would cut the meat with.

A marinade container.

For the Tofu to acquire a specific taste, it is necessary to marinate it. A plastic, glass, or steel container can be used for this and re-sealable plastic bags. However, the last option is not an eco-friendly choice.

The marinated Tofu must be in the refrigerator. The more intense the taste of Tofu you expect, the longer it should be marinated.

A wooden spatula.

Finally, a wooden spatula is required for the baking process. It does not heat up and does not damage the surface of the pan. Therefore, using it, you will quickly care for the baking Tofu and ensure that all its sides bake evenly.

At first glance, this may not seem like an essential tool in tofu cooking. However, you will not be able to do without it if you want to serve super tasty Tofu.

Discover The Perfect Equipment to Prepare Tofu Dishes

Tofu is a super good protein source that initially came from Asia countries and quickly found the key to cooks’ hearts and the West. It is one of the products that fit in every dish because It is tasteless. That’s the uniqueness of Tofu.

Tasteless Tofu can be given the desired taste when marinated at least for an hour. If it is prepared correctly, it can have a perfect taste in any dish. That’s why Tofu is a must to try! With the right equipment, you will prepare tofu like a true pro in no time!

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