Every woman, whether she’s heading to an exotic beach resort or spending a relaxing day by the pool, wants to choose a swimsuit that will make her look flawless. And the trick is not only to buy the trendiest model. One of the main tasks is to choose a model in the variety of bathing suits for women that will favorably emphasize the features of your figure and give you confidence. Our guide will help you discover flattering swimwear for every type of frame

Discover the Most Flattering Swimwear for Your Body Shape

With the help of the consultants of the brand Lascana, which offers a huge selection of womens bathing suits, we have collected some of the hottest models that will look good on different body shapes.

Tips to find a swimsuit for every type of frame to help you feel phenomenal Remember that every body type is beautiful that means you just the way you are

Pear Shapes

The key to the perfect kit for a pear-shaped figure is to draw attention to the upper body, which will visually create a balance between a smaller upper and a wider lower part:

  • a combination of plain bottoms with a bright or patterned bikini top;
  • swimming trunks with a high cut, visually lengthening the legs and concealing the volume of the hips;
  • ruffles and details at the top of the swimsuit to help create extra volume.

Also on a pear figure shape, bikini tops with straps around the neck will look great.

Apple Shapes

To balance the apple shape, it is very important to find swimsuits for women that gives good support to the bust and creates the illusion of a small waist. It could be:

  • swimsuit with thick straps and a deep neckline;
  • one-piece wrap silhouette at the waist or criss-cross cut;
  • retro high-waisted swim trunks that completely cover the belly.

You can also opt for a tie-neck bikini top to lift and support your bust while elongating your torso.

Athletic Figures

If you have an athletic body type, feel free to experiment with many different styles, colors, and patterns. Take a look at the following models:

  • one-piece women’s swimsuits with intriguing cutouts in unusual places;
  • swimming trunks with ties, top, and bottom with draperies and ruffles β€” everything that will add volume and splendor;
  • the one-shoulder silhouette which will visually reduce the shoulders.

A bandeau top or cropped bikini top with smaller bikini bottoms will look very sexy on a sporty figure.

Larger Chest

Owners of magnificent breasts need to take care of high-quality support while avoiding voluminous elements at the top. Explore suits with:

  • molded cups or underwire;
  • tops with adjustable straps and a high back that provide secure support.

Choose from swimsuits that come in different sizes of tops and bottoms to perfectly pack your heavy boobs.

Smaller Chest

For a small bust, you can choose a top with a little push-up feature, the timeless bandeau style, or a classic bikini. A small bust allows you to boldly use draperies and ruffles, deep necklines, knotted details, and bows. Also, look for triangular tops that will create sexy curves.

Discover the Most Flattering Swimwear for Your Body Shape

Use our tips as a starting point for inspiration to find a swimsuit for every type of frame, to help you feel phenomenal. Remember that every body type is beautiful (that means you!) just the way you are!

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