During pregnancy, it is safe to receive chiropractic treatment and along with continuing with your normal care Find out what you need to know about Chiropractic Treatments During Pregnancy

Can I Get Chiropractic Treatments While I Am Pregnant?

Along with all of the anticipation of your new family addition, pregnancy brings plenty of good wishes as well as thoughtful consideration of how you should treat your body during this special time.

For many women who are pregnant, part of their experience is pain and aches in their lower backs. In fact, around 50 percent of women who are pregnant at some point experience back pain before they deliver their baby.

Fortunately, relief might be only one chiropractor visit away. The following are important things to know about the benefits that chiropractor care can provide to you while you are pregnant.

During pregnancy, it is safe to receive chiropractic treatment and along with continuing with your normal care, there are also a number of different pregnancy-specific treatments you can benefit from as well.

Talk to your Chiropractor

As soon as you find out you are pregnant, tell your chiropractor. First of all, that will help you avoid any chiropractic care aspects that are not recommended for pregnant women, like electric muscle stimulation or x-rays. They can speak with you about how your chiropractic care can be adjusted throughout your pregnancy as well as during postpartum. If you plan ahead it will give you great peace of mind, and give you the opportunity to make adjustments immediately to your care regimen. You should also inform your primary medical pregnancy caregiver that you are receiving chiropractor treatments.  

Chiropractic treatments during your first trimester of pregnancy will proceed as normal in general. At this time some additional benefits that you might encounter include relief from spinal misalignment, body aches, and headaches that might occur during this time since your body starts preparing to make room as well as carry your growing baby and then give birth. Chiropractic treatments during pregnancy can help relieve these symptoms by loosening your joints, ligaments, and muscles, for more information about chiropractic care go see the Chiropractor Guelph blog. 

During pregnancy, it is safe to receive chiropractic treatment and along with continuing with your normal care Find out what you need to know about Chiropractic Treatments During Pregnancy

Relieving Pain with Chiropractic Treatments During Pregnancy

As your body continues to change and you start showing, your chiropractor will change your position on the table to make sure you are comfortable and aren’t placing any pressure on your baby. At that point, you might discover that your posture is not the same, and your gait has also changed, and you might have to adapt your favored sleep position as well. All of those adjustments, even minor ones, might lead back to headaches, neck pain, should pain, and back pain. Chiropractic treatment might help to relieve your pain, and in certain cases, indigestion may be attributed to pregnancy as well.

It has been found in studies that some women report having minimal back pain while in labor if they had chiropractic treatments for treating lower back pain during pregnancy, especially close to their delivery date. By making adjustments to your pelvic area, chiropractic care might also be able to naturally help the body turn a baby presenting in breech.

Out of alignment pelvis during pregnancy

An out of alignment pelvis may restrict how much space is available for your developing baby. Whenever the normal movements of your growing baby are obstructed by an external force, it is referred to as intrauterine constraint.

An additional complication that can be caused by a misaligned pelvis is related to the baby being delivered. A misaligned pelvis can make it difficult for your baby to be able to move into the best possible position for being born, which is head down and rear-facing.

In certain cases, that can affect the ability of a woman to have a noninvasive and natural birth. Also, a balanced pelvis means that your baby will have a reduced chance of moving into a posterior or breech position. Whenever your baby is in the nonoptimal birthing position, that can lead to a more complicated and longer delivery.

Getting Chiropractic Treatments During Pregnancy

As you are nearing the end of your term, your body will start to change more noticeably and quickly. Your baby is gaining weight fast, you might have also, and you are having a harder time eating, walking, standing, sitting, and sleeping, and you just want to nest and rest! A lot of strain is being placed on your pelvis, your hips, your back, and you are having a very difficult time getting comfortable. You are also probably at least a bit stress out. Even if you have not received any chiropractic care before now, it may be a good time for you to try it out and see whether it can relieve your discomfort while you are making your final nursery preparations.

If you are experiencing any joint, hip, or back pain during your pregnancy, and you are thinking about having chiropractic care treatments, consult with your doctor first. They will be able to make a recommendation on a qualified chiropractor within your local area. Also, they can help you determine whether or not chiropractic care is safe for your baby and you.

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