The world is filled with differences. From an early age, we are taught to be different. To step outside of the box, be the best person we can be, and be anything but “normal”. Well, that is true unless you have a diagnosis. Then, society wonders why you are not “normal.” It is so frustrating to always be told to be opposite of what you are when everyone else is told just to be themselves. So when stories come out like “A Chance to Dance: Singing in the Rain,” I am more than happy to jump on board!

A Chance to Dance: Singing in the Rain

I am an autistic mom of four children, three of which also have autism.  In this day and age, you would think that everyone would be accepted for who they are.  Unfortunately, that is just not the case.  Even so, I will always teach my children (both neurotypical and neurodiverse), to be themselves.   I want my children to always know we love the m for who they are, and that they do not need to change for society.

A Chance to Dance: Singing in the Rain” is another opportunity for us to show our children that we are not the only family that feels this way. That there are other people in this world fighting for them, just as much as we are. Check out the story below!

A Chance to Dance: Singing in the Rain

A Chance to Dance: Singing in the Rain, illustrated by Jason Cheeseman-Meyer, tells the story of Reagan, an eight-year-old little girl with autism who just wants to be free to be herself and dance in a place where she feels safe and happy. Her mom decides to start “A Chance to Dance,” a class where all children are included. Based on the true story of the North Carolina dancers who are proving to the world that they are not limited by their diagnoses, this book shows just how much children can accomplish when they’re given a chance and treated with kindness.

A Chance to Dance, recently featured on the Today Show and in Southern Living Magazine, evolved from Reagan’s Wish, a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by Kim Smith on behalf of her daughter who was diagnosed with autism. While Reagan’s Wish initially focused on technology, Kim knew every child possessed and deserved multiple ways to express themselves. As the daughter of a dance teacher, dancing was part of Reagan’s DNA, but as a differently-abled child, her opportunities to express herself through dance were limited. Then the idea for A Chance to Dance was born, and through the incredible generosity of Miss Donna’s School of Dance, and amazing creative children, supportive parents, and caring volunteers, the dream of a fully inclusive dance class where every child can truly belong became a reality.

To order A Chance to Dance: Singing in the Rain, Click here.

To order A Chance to Dance: Singing in the Rain Coloring Book, Click here

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