Looking for great jewelry tips? Here are 8 different types of bracelets that are currently available on the jewelry market that you will love!

Adding a few bracelets to your jewelry collection is a must! Having the perfect bracelet for every occasion makes getting dressed and out the door a breeze. You won’t have to fish around your jewelry box looking for the right bracelet for the type of event you’re attending.

8 Different Types of Bracelets Available on the Jewelry Market Today

With a variety of different types of bracelets, you’ll have a specific bracelet for each style of yours! From bangles to cuffs and everything in between, you don’t need to be stuck only wearing traditional gold chains.

Here’s everything you need to know about the different types of bracelets you can choose from.

1. Sterling Silver Bracelets

Good quality sterling silver bracelets will last you a lifetime. Different patterns and engravings can be placed on your sterling silver bracelet. This metal looks amazing with gemstones and crystals as well.

Sterling silver, when matched with an outfit, goes well with black, white, and grey colors. Keep this in mind when selecting your bracelet. If you tend to wear a lot of these colors, then a sterling silver bracelet will work great for you!

2. Bangles

Bangles are those fun types of bracelets that bang together and make a jingling noise as you walk. You can wear two on one wrist or stack several on top of one another. You can place all of them on one side or put some on each wrist.

These bracelets don’t come with a clasp or hook of any kind. To wear them, you’ll need to slide your hand through them. They’ll then fit loosely around your wrists.

Before sliding your hands into them, it might seem like they’re too small for you to fit into, but your hand will make its way into the bracelet easier than you’d think. You can find bangles in sterling silver, gold, and more.

Looking for great jewelry tips? Here are 8 different types of bracelets that are currently available on the jewelry market that you will love!

3. Chain and Charm Bracelets

The traditional chain bracelet is still a great piece to select for yourself, even though there are more modern options. Chain bracelets can come in silver or gold and can be spiced up by adding a few charms.

Because chain bracelets have several links that connect to form the bracelet, they make for the perfect bracelet to hang multiple charms on. You can find charms with special meaning to you and place them on your bracelet.

Find a charm with the first letter of your name. Similarly, one with a dog print for your pup at home would be cute. You can even consider linking the charms to one another to form a bracelet rather than connecting them on a chain.

4. Affirmation Bracelets

Affirmations are positive phrases that we repeatedly say either out loud or to ourselves. We need affirmations to keep our minds in a positive space. If you have a declaration that you tell yourself often, then affirmations types of bracelets are a beautiful choice!

If you don’t already have an affirmation to tell yourself, then it’s time you start saying one. Many different statements work for different people. Once you have your affirmation, you can then wear it on a bracelet.

Having this phrase engraved on your bracelet is a great way to remind yourself of it during the tough times.

Looking for great jewelry tips? Here are 8 different types of bracelets that are currently available on the jewelry market that you will love!
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5. Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone bracelets are stunning and can have special meaning as well. If you’re looking for a naturally beautiful gemstone bracelet, you can purchase one with a variety of gemstones on it. All of the gems placed together make for a colorful and eyecatching bracelet.

If you want to make the bracelet more meaningful, then consider purchasing one that only has your birthstone on it. These bracelets also make for the perfect gift for loved ones. Imagine giving one to your grandma that has all the birthstones of her grandchildren on it.

6. Beaded Bracelets

Beaded types of bracelets are made on a string that has stretch to it. Beaded bracelets are a fun wardrobe accessory because you can find them in all sorts of sizes and colors. The beads on the bracelets can be either tiger’s eye, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, or something else.

There are even lava bead bracelets that you can use for aromatherapy. The lava beads are porous and will absorb essential oils that you place on the beads. You’ll then have an aromatherapy bracelet with you to smell throughout the day.

Try peppermint essential oil for headaches, and lavender for anxiety.

Looking for great jewelry tips? Here are 8 different types of bracelets that are currently available on the jewelry market that you will love!

7. Pearl Bracelets

If you have a classic pearl necklace, then you need a pearl bracelet to match it. Pearl bracelets are simple yet elegant. They’re a great way to add formality to casual wear, and they’re also a great addition to formal attire as well.

Wear your pearl bracelet when going on a first date or when heading into work for a meeting. They work well in multiple situations and are always classy.

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8. Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets connect two friends even when they can’t be physically near one another. If you’re stuck on the idea that friendship bracelets are for children, think again! They work great for adults, too, especially for mother/daughter bonds.

Find two of the same bracelet and each friend wear one. Or, you can take two charm bracelets and place a friendship charm on each one. To get creative, have each person choose several charms for the other person’s bracelet.

Think of things that symbolize different milestones in your friendship or inside jokes. Every time each of you looks down at your bracelet, you’ll think of your good friend!

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Browse Through These Types of Bracelets to Find the Perfect Fit!

If you’re on the hunt for a new bracelet, then be sure to keep these types of bracelets in mind. Decide which one would fit your style and personal fashion style best.

For other topics as helpful as this one, be sure to keep checking back with us daily!

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