As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in many places worldwide, more and more people are looking to boost their immune systems. While a healthy immune system won’t help keep viruses away, it can help you fight off illnesses.

7 Great Tips for Boosting and Maintaining a Healthy Immune System

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to strengthen their immune systems. The truth is that you can enjoy a healthier life by taking some easy steps.

So what do you need to do? Please visit IV Health for more information on holiday tours for seniors. Keep reading to learn seven ways to boost and maintain a healthy immune system.

It's time to put the oxygen mask on yourself! Use these tips on how to improve health to become a happier, healthier person! #selfcare #healthyliving

When was the last time that you had a good night’s sleep? If you’re like many people, it might have been a while. Studies show that around 70% of Americans get a poor night’s sleep at least once a week.

However, sleeping gives your body the time it needs to recover and recharge. This is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system, as it ensures your body has what it needs to fight infections and other issues.

Try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. If you struggle with falling asleep, make a point to avoid naps and caffeine during the day. It would help if you also put all your electronics away an hour before bed, as the blue light they emit can keep you awake.

One of the ways to boost immunity and get the necessary vitamins for your body is through intravenous therapies. IV treatment is a quick way to deliver medicine to the body and help the body fight off infections. Many types of IV therapies are available, each with unique benefits. Plus, you can find a treatment based on location as these therapies are administered in every state and most major cities like Scottsdale, Phoenix, Houston, etc. For instance, you can select Houston IV therapy to restore your body’s nutrient levels to their optimal state.

2. Eat the Right Foods

It shouldn’t be a surprise that eating the right foods is also essential for maintaining a healthy immune system.

Foods rich in antioxidants are excellent at giving your immune system the boost it needs. For most, antioxidant-rich foods include whole plant foods, such as vegetables, fruit, seeds, and nuts.

Healthy fats can also be great for your immune system. Foods like avocados and olive oil can help reduce inflammation levels in your body, helping your immune system stay strong.

3. Avoid the Wrong Foods

Just as the right foods can help your immune system, the wrong food types can weaken it. Some of the biggest culprits include refined carbohydrates and added sugars.

Both of these can lead to obesity and other weight issues. This puts you at a higher risk for heart disease and type two diabetes.

These diseases and heart conditions can impair your body’s immune system, limiting its effectiveness when fighting ailments. Prevent yourself from developing these conditions in the first place by being mindful of what you eat.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Many people believe that drinking enough water can help prevent getting sick. While that isn’t quite the case, it is true that avoiding dehydration and getting enough water is essential.

When dehydrated, you may experience headaches and other physical effects. These conditions can exacerbate problems your body would otherwise have no problem fighting off.

Although teas and juices can be hydrating, water is always your best bet. It will hydrate your body the best, giving it the strength it needs. This allows you to prevent asthma attacks and fight off the common cold.

5. Find Time to Exercise

As society becomes busier and busier, more and more people spend long periods sitting in the same spot. This is horrible for your health, as humans weren’t made to stay sitting for hours.

A sedentary lifestyle can lower your body’s inflammation levels and increase your susceptibility to health conditions like heart disease and weight gain. Make a point to get around 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day.

However, I don’t think this means you must sign up for a gym membership. A brisk walk around the neighborhood after dinner should be enough to get your blood flowing and your immune system working as it should.

6. Control Your Stress Levels

Another side effect of modern society is that stress and anxiety levels are off the charts. COVID-19 has further exacerbated these already high numbers.

However, studies have shown that excess stress levels can create imbalances in your immune cells. This prevents them from doing what they need, which is why many people with high-stress levels get sick more often.

Try to take around 30 minutes a day to decompress and unwind. Use this time to read a book, meditate, or practice deep breathing—whatever it takes to clear and calm your mind.

7. Turn to Supplements if Necessary

Many people turn to dietary supplements to give their immune system the boost they think it needs. While these can be effective, most people don’t realize that supplements aren’t necessary if they practice a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

You shouldn’t need to consume excess amounts of vitamin C, vitamin D, or something else with a healthy diet. However, supplements can make a difference if your current diet has deficiencies. The best vitamin C powder supplement is excellent for those with vitamin c deficiencies.

For instance, zinc is a vital trace mineral but is traditionally challenging to absorb, so taking a supplement such as zinc ionophores can help to raise your zinc levels. This, in turn, can improve your immune function, gut health, and brain function. 

Remember that any company that claims to have a supplement to prevent COVID-19 or another virus is lying.

Make Maintaining a Healthy Immune System a Priority

While you always want to be healthy, maintaining a healthy immune system is more important than ever in the COVID-19 era. Make a point to follow the different tips in this guide, and you can be sure that you’ll be able to keep your immune system healthy.

Do you now better understand what you can do to strengthen your immune system? If you do, check out some of our other posts for more health-related guides and tips.

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