As we or our loved ones age, we might notice they can no longer perform routine or familiar tasks. That includes things like cooking, driving, and, sometimes, even walking through the house.

According to the CDC, about 36 million elderly people experience falls every year. Along with those injuries, they tack on a host of other concerns and health risks.

5 Benefits of Private Home Health Care For Elderly Parents

However, you might also find that your loved ones do not want to move from the familiar surroundings of their homes. When this happens, it is time to consider private home health care.

This option offers several critical benefits. Want to know what they are? If so, keep reading this article!

Sense of Independence

The first benefit of hiring home health care aides is that your parents will keep their sense of independence. When people move into nursing homes or residencies, they feel as though they have lost something very vital to their existence.

It causes the elderly to realize they can no longer function the way they did in their youth. These feelings can often lead to poor mental health, like depression.

However, hiring an aid will allow your parents to stay in their homes. That alone will keep their spirits up as they will not have to abandon familiar surroundings. If you want to know if your parents require home health care, continue reading these tips.

Personal Hygiene Maintenance

As mentioned, elderly patients grow to a point where they cannot perform regular functions, like personal hygiene maintenance. That is even more true for patients who are home-bound or cannot get out of bed.

As their caretaker, you probably assist with cleaning and grooming them. However, aid will ease some of the caretaker’s stress by coming out a few times per week to help with hygiene. That way, they remain clean, and it takes some of the weight off of your shoulders.


Home health care services will also perform light chores around the house. These include things like dusting, sweeping, and cleaning off surfaces.

Many homes tend to become dirty as the patients forget or do not have the strength to clean. You can speak with an aide and ask them what sorts of chores they will perform.

Provides Company

If the elderly patient lives at home, the company an aid provides is well worth the home health care cost. No doubt, you are constantly visiting your loved one.

However, health care aids will sit and talk with them and give them someone different to be around. They will become their friend and give them a sense of belongingness that elderly patients may sometimes not experience.

Safety Measures and Emergencies

Patients have health issues that arise, like heart attacks for severe falls. When you hire a home health care service, you can be sure that help is always available.

First off, they will be at your loved one’s home. So, if any emergency should arise, someone will be there to call 9-1-1. It is also beneficial to have someone constantly popping in and out in case your loved one falls.

For More Information on Private Home Health Care

As you can tell, there are five critical ways that private home health care benefits you and your aging parents or loved ones. Not only does it give them a sense of independence, but you can rest easy knowing aid is right around the corner in case of an emergency.

We hope this article helps you look into home health care services and helps you make an informed decision. Did you enjoy this article? If so, keep reading the rest of our blog for more medical and health care tips!

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