Having a home office can be beneficial There is no commute and you can wear what youd like But you need to be organized Check out these 7 DIY Projects to Organize Your Home Office
Having a home office can be beneficial There is no commute and you can wear what you'd like. But you need to be organized.   Check out these 7 DIY Projects to Organize Your Home Office

Having a home office can be beneficial. There is no commute and you can wear what you’d like. Also, you can decorate your workspace with your style. Nowadays, working from home has become a fairly popular trend. Many workers opt out of working from the office in favor of working from home to avoid traveling far distances to the office. Doing so helps to save time, money, and often improves the efficiency of the worker.

While there are lots of benefits to having a home office to work from, there are few common problems that people experience when using one. One of the main issues is that they’re hard to keep organized. Often the home office is used for storage of items from the rest of the home, or homeowners have a hard time keeping the area organized without basic office rules.

7 DIY Projects to Organize Your Home Office

Luckily, there are quite a few projects you can complete from home that can aid in making an office cleaner, more organized, and more spacious as a result. If you’re looking for projects that are simple and budget-friendly, consider these 7 DIY projects to organize your home office.

Shoe Box Organizer

Things that are hardest to keep organized in an office are all of the cords we collect. Between chargers for phones, laptops, tablets, and printers, cords often become tangled and overwhelming on desks and along office floors.

To avoid this problem, get an old shoebox and decorate it how you’d like. Cut out three or four holes along the side of the box, as well as cutting out one at the end of the box. Place a power strip inside the container, and plug in all of your chargers. Use the holes to lead the cords out of the box and close it with a lid. Label them for each cable, and use this to keep all of your cables organized and out of sight.

Labeled Jars

Glass jars are a simple, fashionable way to keep things organized in your office. Because they come in all different shapes, you can easily find what you’re looking for your desk, shelves, or drawers.

Label the jars with pieces of construction papers or stickers. Use them to organize pens, markers, paper clips, candies, etc. Not only will this help to keep small knick-knacks organized, but these jars can often look fun and colorful.

Giant Wall Calendar

Forget those pesky stick-it notes. For an organized office, a giant wall calendar makes it easy to find out about your daily schedule quickly. Lots of people use whiteboards for easy erasing. A blackboard and chalk do the same while adding a more rustic look.

Looking to save money? Build a wall calendar yourself. Consider using a large Bristol board or construction paper to make your calendar. DIY wall calendar projects can be quick and easy. Things like stickers and labels to highlight important dates and events.

DIY Desk Storage

For those without desks, consider building an inexpensive desk that includes lots of storage. To do this, you might consider using old shelving units for the bottom of the desk. You can then fill the gaps with storage bins to stay organized. This is a perfect solution for lack of storage.

Next, you’ll need to create the top half of the desk. Consider purchasing an old door or recycled pieces of wood that can be nailed together to create a flat surface. Visiting garage sales is a great way to find gems that are less expensive but which have lots of character. In these storage bins, you can keep things like inkjet cartridges and toners for your office, files, office supplies, etc.

Having a home office can be beneficial There is no commute and you can wear what you'd like. But you need to be organized.   Check out these 7 DIY Projects to Organize Your Home Office

Adding Storage Bins

Adding storage bins to almost anything in your office will help you organize and create more space on your desk. Get storage bins with a flat backing. This way you can nail them into an object like the side of your desk, bookshelves, and walls.

Removing things from the floor will add significant space to your office. The more storage you have, the easier it will be to separate things based on item, date, size, etc.

DIY Desk Organizer

Do you like to have all of your office accessories on hand? Then you might want to build a DIY desk organizer. Quickly create these with things around the house. This includes shoeboxes, toilet -paper rolls, and paper towel rolls that you’ve already used up.

Simple enough—use a shoebox for your base. Fill the box with different smaller boxes you find around the house and toilet paper rolls. Use the rolls to separate markers, pens, and pencils. Use the other smaller boxes for things like paper clips and scissors. Adding a small glass container can also dress up the organizer. Fill it with some fresh flowers that will improve your office environment.

File Organizer

Paperwork is often one of the things that get piled up on our desks. Having a specific place for every sheet can dramatically increase your organization and space. One of the easiest things you can purchase for a reasonably low price is an organizational binder. Try to find one that comes with a lot of sections and labels that you can personalize.

This way, you will always have a spot for things like bills, invoices, mail, to-do lists, etc. These organizers come in all different sizes. You can easily find one that will fit into your desk drawers or on a floating shelf.

DIY Projects to Organize Your Home Office

Having a home office can be of great benefit; you can decorate it the way you’d like and organize it to your preferences. However, if you easily become disorganized, it’s a great idea to start adding some storage and DIY projects to spaces. That way, you know where everything goes every time. Organized office spaces are always better for productivity, so consider the suggestions listed to help organize your home office.

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