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Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote: “Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom.” Besides showing Schopenhauer’s pessimistic outlook on life, this statement sometimes feels like a perfect summary of our relationships with other people.

Nonetheless, in life, there are also plenty of moments of joy. We may enjoy various activities, cherish the weather, or enjoy the smell of our morning coffee. All these things show us that our lives are worth living, even with some pain and boredom showing up from time to time.

6 Things To Do When You Get Bored in Your Relationship

If your relationship with someone you hold close to your heart has become dull and uninteresting, try changing some things! After all, our relations with others are worth fighting for.

In this article, we have prepared six tips on how to battle boredom in your relationship. Instead of giving up on someone, read on!

Maintain a Healthy Sex Life

Sometimes, we let our bedroom frustrations seep through to our regular lives. It is a dangerous place to be in, as you may hurt others without even noticing it.

When you think that your current sex life is boring, consider mixing things up. For example, you can try new sex positions, erotic roleplay, or buy sex dolls online. Do not be afraid to try new experiences!

However, make sure to let your partner know what you want to change and why you want to do it! Remember that every relationship is a two-way street. Perhaps they will have some exciting ideas you can share?

Prepare Some Surprises

Preparing little surprises for your significant other is an excellent way to remove boredom from your relationship. Only remember that your surprise should be a positive one!

A surprise may come in many forms, which is excellent. You can buy a small gift, do some extra chores or serve breakfast in bed. Choose whatever seems to your liking, and reap the benefits!

Remember, a good surprise is boredom’s most deadly opponent. Surprise your partner once in a while and see how effective it can be for yourself!

Try Something New Every Day

Breaking up your schedule may seem like a trivial thing to do unless you decide to not only break it up but also do it differently every day. Give yourself a task of finding new ways to break a dull period in your life!

You can prepare new and exotic dishes or do a different activity each day of the week. This way, you will replace boredom with the excitement of trying something for the first time.

Each day give yourself a chance to learn something new or do stuff that you never got around to doing before! In the words of Shia LeBeouf, “just do it!”

Bored in Your Relationship

Replicate Your First Date

Speaking of the first time, try to recreate your first date. Many couple therapists suggest this method to their clients, and for a good reason.

Do you still remember the thrill you felt when you were preparing for your first date? Would it not be great to embrace this feeling again?

Every first date is a special moment that cannot be perfectly replicated. However, you can still try to visit old places and bring back memories. It may prove to be more beneficial to your relationship than you might think!

Create Something Together

Doing things together bonds people. By making something with your significant other, you will learn to cooperate better and spend some quality time with each other.

Moreover, after creating something solid like painting or decorations around your house together, they will remind you of those precious moments you shared. Work off of each other’s creativity and see where it will lead you!

Even some minor changes like preparing food together can quickly become the favorite part of your day! See what your partner thinks about doing some activities together, and get ready for some work!

Be Curious

Are you sure that you know everything about your partner there is to know? With change being the only constant in our world, it is easy to overlook some things. Make sure that you stay interested in their life, as sometimes it is easy to fall behind.

Do not be afraid to ask questions about their work or friends! Additionally, stay open to their questions and be ready to share some stories from your life. Even the most mundane tale might seem engaging to your significant other!

If you stay involved in your partner’s affairs, they will reward you with the same attitude. Use it to get to know each other anew and keep boredom at bay!

What to do When Bored in Your Relationship

Getting bored in a relationship is not an unnatural thing. After all, our lives are not filled with adventures like in the movies. Nonetheless, do not let this stop you from enjoying your time together!

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Talk with your partner about the state of your relationship. Moreover, do not forget to fight off any signs of monotony as soon as they arrive! This way, you will be able to get more joy and excitement out of your relationship than usual.

By making sure the boredom will not ruin your relationship, you may preserve it for a very long time. If you remember our tips and stay ready for new experiences, everything should be fine. Good luck!

Alicia Trautwein is an Autism advocate, writer, motivational speaker, and dedicated mom of four. Alicia’s desire to advocate for Autism comes from her own autism diagnosis and that of her three children, niece, and brother. Her life’s mission is to educate on autism acceptance and change the world for future generations of autistic individuals.

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