When it comes to marriage, things are never relatively as easy as they seem. Making a relationship work requires a lot of work and patience. If you’re having trouble understanding each other, then several resources are available that can help you before a divorce becomes an option.

A couple may benefit from counseling if the problem has not gone too far and can still be addressed in certain circumstances. 

Common Marriage Problems That All Couples Face

However, if the problems have become too much for the individuals involved, and the best route to continue is a divorce, it’s time to contact a reliable divorce attorney who can help protect your interests. But before things get to that point, it’s essential to consider the problems you are facing and address them with your partner.

Below are some of the common marriage problems that all couples face:

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One common problem with marriage is how, over time, it can become harder to communicate. You may easily misunderstand your partner and automatically assume the worst in what they are saying. Before rushing to judgment, it’s best to first ask questions like:

  • What do you mean?
  • Okay, let me make sure I understand this *repeat what they said and how you understood it* is that right?
  • How can I help you with this?

These simple questions can help your partner feel like you’ve understood what they have said and that you’re willing to address the topic with them instead of standing on opposite sides of the table.

Personality Differences

This may not be something you catch onto initially, or you have, and you figured you could make it work, but a difference in personalities can cause a rift between you. If you feel like you and your partner don’t mesh well with your personalities, it may be worth addressing them.

Instead of burying the problem and pretending it doesn’t bother you, bringing this to them may propose that you are willing to make things work despite your differences. If this level of communication does not yield the results you are looking for. Then it may be worth looking for professional help.


Sadly, this is another common marriage problem and causes several fights neither of you will be proud of. Jealousy is an ugly color and can result in miscommunication or harboring secrets from one another because you think it may result in a fight.

If you are jealous of something your partner is doing, then maturely addressing this may shed light on your discomfort, and they may sit down with you to fix the problem before it gets worse.

As you can tell so far, if you effectively communicate with your partner, you may stunt any negative feelings you may experience and strengthen the bond you have with your partner.


Loyalty is another common issue that can drive a wedge between you and your partner. It may potentially end the relationship then and there. Loyalty comes in many different forms, but it all boils down to the same result: if you feel like you have to hide something from your partner, your loyalty to them is dwindling.

This can be as simple as hiding a text you think they misinterpret, or when asked if you’re single, you hesitate to say ‘no.’ This may also even result in an affair, which may cause your partner to end the marriage on the spot, as this breach of loyalty can destroy the entire foundation which your marriage is based on. After all, just because it happened once doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.

Raising The Children

If you’re having problems with your marriage, it can be assumed it’ll also affect your children and force them to distance themselves from you and your partner. When you’re going through a divorce, it’s also easy to shed a bad light on your partner to sway your children’s feelings on your side.

Kids deserve a happy childhood, so if you’re having problems with your marriage, it’s best to keep them out of it, at least until they’re old enough to form their own opinions on the matter.


It may be possible to salvage your relationship before the problems are too far gone, but this will require serious effort from both parties involved. Just because the problem seems minor now doesn’t mean it’ll be that way all the time.

Nip it in the bud early on, and watch your relationship grow. If you need help from an outside source, then many resources can help, but first, you have to confirm there is a problem to begin with. If only one of you is willing to fix the issue, then the road to recovering as a couple may become harder than it needs to be.

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