Outdoor Activities For Your Kids

Trying to make sure your family spends some quality time outdoors during the summer seems to get harder every year. We get so used to spending way too much time on our electronics and forget how much fun we can have when we put them down and only interact with one another. 

Put Down Your Electronics and Enjoy These Outdoor Activities

These activities are sure to have everyone in your house begging to go outside and enjoy every beautiful day that this summer has to offer. Most of these activities can even be done in your backyard, and all of them are budget-friendly.

Corn Hole

This game is a classic and can be enjoyed at any age. You will want to invest in all-weather corn hole boards so that they do not get ruined if your kids leave them out and they get stormed on. You can also get the boards decorated any way you like.


This is another classic backyard activity for summer. You can easily find a slip-n-slide for ale online. Add a little kitchen soap onto it to make it even more fun, and you will slide. You can also combine three slip and slides with three kiddie pools and play slip-n-slide kickball.

Tree Swing

Looking for a project to keep the kids busy this summer. If they are old enough, have them build a tree swing and if they are not, have them help you build one. They will love having something in the backyard to enjoy for years to come that they helped to build.

Water Gun/ Ballon Battles

Start investing in water guns and ballons all year-round. Before you know it, you will have a huge arsenal to choose from. Place them around the yard, and if you are creative, you can even build barriers and forts. Then have an all-out war between adults and children.

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is always a classic way to have fun in the summer. They can decorate all over the driveway and road. It will simply wash away when it rains. For added fun, if you have a wood fence, you can also decorate it with chalk, and it will wash off with the hose easily.

Capture The Flag

This is another classic game for outdoor fun this summer. Split the kids into teams and have each team hide their flag. The whole point of the game is to protect your flag and get your hands on the other team’s flag. You can even combine this game with water guns and balloons for even more fun.

Yard Checkers

This can be an enjoyable summer activity for kids. You will want to invest in some black spray paint and let them play right before you are ready to cut grass. You will also want enough frisbee to have checkers. Spray a giant board on the grass and let them play.

Frisbee Golf

This is an enjoyable outdoor activity for your kids this summer. Look in your local area to find out where the closest frisbee golf course is located and invest in a few weighted frisbees. You and your kids will have a blast. 

Scavenger Hunt

Creating a scavenger hunt for your kids can be an enjoyable way to spend a summer day outs side. You can design it with riddles and clues. For added fun, you can even have goodies for them along the journey.

Nature Hike

Taking the whole family on a hike is always a great way to enjoy a beautiful summer day. If you live near a state or national park, take advantage of it this summer and take the whole family on a hike.

Outdoor Activities For Your Kids

Time to start making plans now so that you can enjoy every minute of summer to the fullest. So go ahead and start grabbing your supplies. That way, when summer is here, all you will need to do is grab your family and your camera to start making memories that you and your loved ones will never forget.

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