The Top 5 Staycation Activities Over Memorial Weekend for Families

After 40-plus hours at the office every week, there are few things working parents want more than to find time to spend with their spouses and children. However, the combined expense and time it takes to travel often make taking a trip—even one just a few hours from home—seem like it’s not worth the effort. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel far to have the time of your life with your kids. Planning a staycation in your own town or city can make the most of a short break from work and save you serious money and stress. Not sure how to make your staycation special? Try these exciting staycation activities over memorial weekend

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Looking to stay home for Memorial Weekend? Check out the Top 5 Staycation Activities Over Memorial Weekend for Families

Staycation Activities over Memorial Weekend

By Candice Shaffer of The XI, CORTE, The Belnord, One Dalton, 88 and 90 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn Point, One Manhattan Square

Set up an indoor pillow fort:

Don’t want to leave the comfort of home during your staycation? No problem! Creating a pillow fort in your own house gives you the perfect place to tell do crafts, read books, or watch movies as a family.

Go camping in your back yard:

If your home has outdoor space, be it a private terrace or a spacious back yard, why not go camping? While you won’t have to endure an arduous hike to get to your preferred camping spot, you can still enjoy all the fun that typically goes along with camping, like making s’mores, telling spooky campfire stories, and sleeping out under the stars.

Memorial Weekend for Families

Tackle an escape room:

Want to infuse your staycation with a little extra excitement? Try an escape room with your family. Located in towns and cities around the globe, these fun challenges can help your whole family work together as a team as you try to tackle the puzzle of how to get out together.

Have dinner at a fancy restaurant:

Who says that having a staycation means having to stick to the same routine you usually do? If you’re planning a staycation for your family this year, add dinner at a fancy restaurant to your must-do list. Whether you’re having dinner at Eleven Madison Park or the Russian Tea Room, enjoying a five-star meal with your family is sure to be an event they won’t soon forget.

stay home for Memorial Weekend?

Book a hotel room in your city:

If you’re taking the “stay” part of “staycation” a bit more liberally, treat your family to an overnight stay somewhere special. Even if the hotel you choose is just down the block from your house, your whole family will love getting to stay up late, order room service, and take a dip in the pool before heading home.

Staycation Activities Over Memorial Weekend for Families

You don’t need to have a huge travel budget or a lengthy vacation scheduled to enjoy some time away from work with your family. With a staycation plan in place, you can make the most of a weekend in your city or town while avoiding the hassle and cramped quarters that come with extended hours in a car or on a plane. The next time you have a few days off, try a staycation—instead of stress, all you’ll have to look forward to these happy memories.

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