If you are thinking of making a significant change in you and your family’s lives, moving to a new city can seem very tempting. Perth is a famous city for young families to move to. It is medium-sized, relatively well-spaced out, and pretty safe. Schools and healthcare facilities are great, especially in comparison with many rural places in the United States. Moving to Perth might be the best idea you have ever had, but you need to consider a few things before you jump on a plane.

Get Ready for a Hot Christmas

One thing that takes some getting used to moving to Perth from abroad is just how hot it can get. Perth regularly reaches temperatures of 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit in December. You’ll not be having a white Christmas in your new home. Instead, Australians like to spend their Christmas on the beach having a family barbeque. It might not be what you are used to, but it isn’t half bad!

The downside of all this heat is that you need to be very careful about your exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Always wear sunscreen and try and avoid going out during the hottest part of the day.

Do You Need to Fix Up Your New House?

If you are moving to Perth, you might be tempted to live in one of the city’s beautiful federation or Californian-style bungalows. These houses were built in the early 20th Century during the rapid expansion of the city. This rapid expansion was due to a gold rush – hopeful prospectors and their families headed to the area to try and make their fortunes.

The bungalows are beautiful, but many of them have outdated wiring, plumbing, and insulation. It shouldn’t be hard to find good contractors in the city, but you should be willing to spend some money on modernizing your new home. Enquiring with some of Perth’s best electricians is an excellent way to start – they can be contacted over at www.pascoeselectrics.com.au.

The local government in charge of administering Perth introduced new building codes in 2012 to improve the standards of habitation and architecture in the city. You’ll need to consult these codes before you start any major work on your house.

How Are You Going to Get Around?

By far the best way of traveling around Perth is by public transport. Since 1958, Perth has been served by the Transperth network. This integrated public transport network includes trains, busses, and boats and is very reliable and safe.

If you need to travel to other cities in Australia, you will probably end up wanting to fly. Perth is closer to Indonesia than it is to Brisbane or Sydney. Driving through the interior during the hottest months is not recommended. Unless you are comfortable changing tires and refueling from a can on the road, you’ll find the journeys instead draining. However, if you are an adventurer, you’ll find that there are some fantastic road trips through the outback, like the daunting 2,834km-long Stuart highway.

Now you’re all set to get going.

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