I knew things wouldn’t be easy when I became a single mum. But then, my youngest came home from school, begging me to take them camping. Going on holiday is tricky enough, but camping in the wilderness is an entirely different ball game. 

Safety Tips for Successful Camping with Kids As a Solo Parent

While I could see the benefits of taking them camping – a weekend without screen time, learning about nature and survival, and bonding as a family, I couldn’t help but think of all the things that could go wrong. What if one of them got injured or if I became hurt, what if we got caught in a storm, and what if a spider made its way into our tent (dirty nappies I could handle like a pro, but a raisin-sized spider would flip me out completely.)

Ultimately, the benefits outweighed the concerns, so I began taking my girls camping once a month before the pandemic hit. We had a lot of fun, but I learned a lot too. So, let me take you through a few tips I picked up as a single mum taking her kid’s camping.

Taking kids hiking may be an unpredictable activity, but there are a few nifty ways to make it a fun adventure for the whole family.

Choose a Family-Friendly Campsite 

Before heading out, do your research and source a family-friendly campsite. Finding a well-maintained site, free from groups of youths looking to drink it up, and offering clean amenities is a must. Additionally, always pick a campsite that has cell service. Contacting the relevant people in case of an emergency is essential.

Share Your Plans with Someone at Home

Always share your plans with someone at home, be it a friend, family member, or even a close colleague. Remember to include where you are going and how long you’ll be away, and follow this up with an email or text with the relevant address or GPS coordinates and the dates.

Camp near your home

Try to find a campsite that is near to your home. Firstly, little ones who have never been camping before may find the experience daunting and often battle to fall asleep and want to go home. In this case, you don’t want to drive a long distance at night alone with your kiddos. If one of them does get injured or falls ill, again, you want to be closer to home. Further, long car rides often lead to sleepy or grumpy kids, and neither is fun when setting up camp. 

If You Can, Go With Others

While it is generally safe to go camping alone, there is always safety and fun in numbers. If you can, try booking your trip with another single family or with a member of your family. Having another adult around eases the pressure and simplifies things like taking a quick bathroom break. Also, having a second set of hands in an emergency is handy. 

Further, when several kids are around, they have a lot more fun, and sibling rivalry takes a back seat, which means much less squabbling.

And then, as I said, there is safety in numbers. A lone tent is much more of a target for pick-pockets than a couple grouped. So, if there are a few of you, taking a short hike or heading to the lake to skip stones or build a raft becomes more accessible, and you won’t need to feel concerned about leaving your tent unattended.

Make a List and Check It Twice 

Another handy tip while packing for your camping trip is to make a list and double-check that you have everything on it. Doing this will ensure you have all the essentials, including a first aid kit, sunblock, and an excellent pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV light. If you can find a polarized pair with a UV-protected coating, you’ll find it easier to watch your kids while they play outdoors. 

Other essentials include bug repellent, snacks, and fresh drinking water. Additionally, pack a powerful torch or headlamps with additional batteries, a power bank to recharge your cell phone, and wet wipes for those sticky little fingers.

Secure Your Money

You are taking money when camping is necessary. For instance, if it rains and cooking hotdogs over the fire is out of the question, heading out for burgers can be fun. However, an essential tip is not to bring too much cash. Instead, bring only what you need and leave unnecessary cards at home. 

Additionally, use a secure wallet with RFID protection. Using an RFID wallet for men and women will help safeguard your details and bank-related info from thieves looking to use a scanner to take your personal information without permission.

Safety Tips for Successful Camping with Kids As a Solo Parent

While taking your children camping as a single parent can seem daunting, having the proper measures in place can be a lot of fun. Ensuring you have all the essentials, telling people where you’re going before you leave, and ensuring the campsite is family-friendly are imperative.

Further, if you can go with other single-parent families or a family member and keep your items protected, you can have a ton of fun and build special memories your kids will never forget.

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