Perlu is The Ultimate Influencer Network for Bloggers.  Not only can you collaborate with brands, but you can also connect with other influencers! #influencernetwork #momblogger

When it comes to influencer network’s and platforms, there are so many to choose from which can be very overwhelming for new influencers. Until Perlu came along, the choices were very divided. You could go with a platform that offers you the ability to work directly with brands, or you can find a platform to connect with other influencers.
The majority of these platforms fell into just connecting with brands. Perlu is the ultimate influencer network for bloggers because it offers everything possible!

Influencers are always looking for ways to connect with brands. The great thing is a lot of these platforms show precisely how much each brand is offering. On the downside, this being the only goal of those platforms, it causes the competition to be exceptionally high. It can be challenging to get a brand’s attention to show that you have what it takes.

Influencer – Influencer Connections

Then there is the influencer to influencer connections. The most common way this happens is by connecting via Facebook groups. These groups allow for influencers to ask questions, get advice, see current trends, and cross collaborate. If you search “blogger groups” on Facebook, there are so many! While that sounds great, it’s also hard to know which ones are going to be best. There is a considerable need for influencers to be able to connect with each other.

Perlu is The Ultimate Influencer Network for Bloggers. Not only can you collaborate with brands, you can also connect with other influencers! #mombloggers #influencers #howto

Perlu: The Ultimate Influencer Network for Bloggers

That’s where Perlu comes in. Perlu offers a unique way for influencers to connect, as well as brands. By joining or building packs, you immediately can connect with other influencers in your specific niche. This allows you to get advice, grow your network, guest post, and more.

From the brand side of it, Perlu offers something unique that no other platform has done. While you can look at the boards for brands to work with (and you should!), that is not the only way you and a brand can connect! Brands can search for influencers based off niche (via packs). By doing this, they can make an offer to multiple influencers that will be able to share their products to the right audience. This is beneficial to both the brands and the influencers!

Perlu Review

Since joining Perlu, I have worked with several amazing brands and influencers alike! Perlu makes working with brands so easy! The terms are laid out in the collaboration. All messages between brand and influencers are within the collaboration as well. Once you complete the work, you submit the work through the Perlu platform within that collaboration. Then, when you get paid…you guessed it! You get paid through the Perlu platform (via Stripe Express), and it shows all this in the collaboration!

As an influencer, I am also able to play on the same field as brands when it comes to promoting my programs. Since my packs revolve around my niche, as I create course and books, I can offer affiliate programs to others who share the same audience.

Perlu is the perfect solution for every type of influencer. Whether you are a blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, or other social media influencers, the platform will work for you. That versatility is the biggest reason I love using Perlu. I can connect with influencers on all different mediums to make the most of our collaboration.

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  1. Hi there, thanks for leaving that honest review. I’ve been curious about Perlu. I’m a new blogger, how does it work as far as brand collabs for new bloggers just getting their foot in the door? Does a huge follower dictact better collabs? Thanks!

    1. Hey there! When it comes to collabs, it is really up to the brand. The most important factor is engagement. Some brands will base collabs off of overall followers, but most brands are currently moving to engagement rate as micro-influencers often can make a bigger impact for brands than others.

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