Need tips for parenting children with ADHD during COVID 19? Keep reading to find out how to keep your child on track with their goals!

e are all having to adjust to the new normal during this pandemic.  It has halted and interrupted our schedules and the different routines in our lives. For parents with kids with ADHD, it can even be more challenging. Their children are going without the outlet of school and home easily becomes monotonous.

Parenting Children with ADHD during COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has worked to create new guidelines that we are currently living by, such as social distancing. These rules have cut us off from resources like libraries and other avenues that could aid in educating your children.

For parents of children with ADHD, there are resources available and strategies that can be employed to help during this time.

Remove Distractions

Kids with ADHD during COVID-19’s effects of quarantine and social distancing may have trouble dealing with schooling at home and the impact of attention and behavioral issues. A simple way to mitigate these problems can be removing potential sources of distraction from the environment to help your child maintain focus.

Establish Routines and Schedule Breaks

Furthermore, establishing a structure, along with specific goals for the day or week, can assist in facilitating your management of the tasks to be accomplished to stay on schedule.

Scheduling is an integral part of the education system in so far as instruction periods tend to be held within or around an hour, subsequently followed by some form of intermission. In other words, it is tough for kids to maintain focus for too long and especially so for kids with ADHD, so it is essential to give them time for their minds to rest.

Chunk things Down

To get the most out of your children if they are having issues maintaining focus, you can break up their assignments into smaller portions and provide them a list of what they will be doing over an allotted time.

Small Rewards Help Motivate

You can also encourage them by giving them some form of reward at the end of their tasks to motivate them further. Try to find some time to spend time with them or allow them to venture off into a bit of entertainment before they return to their schoolwork. Each child is different, so the amount of time should be tailored to your child.

Turn to Professional Educators for Help

Are you feeling swamped down by keeping up with your children? It is important to remember that their teachers are still there to help. They understand your child’s behavior patterns and what works to get your child on task. Kids with ADHD during COVID-19 and its’ accompanying effects can benefit from a different approach to learning if they are having difficulty.

Utilize Technology

In this time, it should not be forgotten that there are different approaches to teaching. There are various educational options offered through technology that can be found in things such as online videos and podcasts. So, you can use this time to try and better understand your child and how they learn best.

Parenting Children with ADHD during COVID-19

The next time you are struggling or just want to try something different with your child, give these a go. You may find them beneficial, particularly for the current COVID-19 situation.

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