6 Ways to Nurture Creativity Of Your Child

Have you seen making of a teapot from earthen clay? It is a beautiful process, with the Potter using his hands compassionately to turn the soft clay into an elegant mold. Your little ones are like the soft clay and you as the Potter have to mold them with love and affection. When you raise your little ones, it is very important for you to give them the right environment to grow and evolve. Check out these 6 ways to nurture creativity in your child.

6 ways to nurture creativity in your child

By Ross Gellar

Let them explore

Let your children explore what they wish to do. They will often try a whole lot of different things and perhaps keep trying different things and never settle for one hobby. That is how they are, just like you; fickle. As a parent, it is upon you to encourage them when they tell you that they wish to try something new. Let them explore, let them learn and try new thing such as waste management tricks, diy art and crafts, novels and many more

Never discourage them

Often children think of themselves as an adult and take decisions which causes much trouble to adults. Unfortunately for innocent little ones, adults are an irritable species. Many a time,children do a lot of deeds with a good intention, but often get alleged with mischief. This instills fear in them and they may stop taking their own decisions while growing up. You should never discourage them from making ‘mischief’.

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Share your experiences with them

Always take out time to talk to your little ones. They need your time more than anything else. Your physical presence, your words, they do matter to them. Share your childhood experiences, share how naughty you were, and share stories. More than anything, this makes them comfortable with you. Creativity always grows in comfort. Moreover, your fables can inspire imagination in them.

Don’t say no to their curious queries

Does your little one ask too many questions? If he/she does ask too many questions, you should be proud that your little one is curious. Motivate them to ask more questions while you get tired answering most of them or finding answers to a lot many. Get them cool science gifts like periodic table jokes etc to satisfy their hunger for knowledge.

Praise them for their efforts

Your little one is growing up and while he grows he collects memories. You want to instill a positive attitude in him/her, making him realize he or she is inferior to none. This will happen when you praise their efforts often. Even if they do a little doodle, make a small verse, play an instrument, sing, or dance, you must always be excited about it as a parent. They look up to you for validation and you must reply affirmatively.

Express your love

A lot of parents these days find it difficult to take time out for their kids. But, then a lot of parents don’t express their love. Your children won’t know about your emotions until you express it to them. Their creativity and performance thrive when they feel loved. Love is an ‘essential nutrient’ for your little one.

6 ways to nurture creativity in your child

If you want your kids to be happy, you must let them explore. Let them find their creativity. Thereafter, you have the responsibility of nurturing their creative spirit. You don’t just have to instill confidence in them but at the same time, you only have to make contrasting remarks about staying grounded. Your little one trusts you and you know him/her better than anyone else. Your child is a bundle of creativity and you have to nurture the creativity in him/her.

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