Neurotherapy (also known as neurofeedback) is a healthcare practice where electrical feedbacks from the brain are measured as waves and curated to help the brain learn to self-regulate. This practice involves using neurofeedback as a reward system for your mind to encourage it to learn. Nuerocore, a Brain Performance Center that runs eight facilities in Florida and Michigan have almost perfected this art.

Through Neurotherapy, the brain is stimulated to learn through positive reinforcement, practice, and repetition. Studies have proven that this method is extremely effective as the brain can not only learn how to function efficiently but also be able to eliminate or reduce undesired brain activity.

Neurocore’s Neurotherapy opens new avenues for treating mental disorders

What is Neurotherapy? Neurocore’s Neurotherapy opens new avenues for treating mental disorders such as depression and ADHD.  Find out more here,

What is Neurotherapy used for?

Neurotherapy has been used effectively as a treatment for mental disorders like depression and Attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

Treating Depression

Today, depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the world. Additionally, patients suffering from depression at times end up committing suicide if their condition is not addressed.

Clinical depression is the most severe on the spectrum of depression. This mental disorder is also known as major depressive disorder. It is estimated to have affected over 10.3 million adults in the U.S. in 2016 according to the statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health. Clinical depression can affect a patient for months and even years in extreme cases.

A person’s brain chemistry, hormones, and even genetics are thought to be contributing factors to clinical depression though its exact courses are not known. The most significant symptom of this type of depression is an extended change in a person’s functioning. These changes usually last for weeks. It is advisable that if you are suffering from depression, or know anyone who is, reach out for help.


Traditionally, clinical depression is treated with psychotherapy, antidepressants or a combination of both. Today, for almost a decade, researchers and doctors have been successfully treating depression with Neurotherapy. Neurocore employs this new method and in their treatment, increased alpha activity is one of the most significant indicators of depression in patients.

This organization’s patients use take advantage of neurofeedback to train their brains to overcome the symptoms of depression. In the most successful instances, patients have managed to overcome depression completely.

At the organization’s brain performance centers, anti-depression brain training therapy has worked wonders for most of the patients. Over 84% of the 292 patients who completed their 30-session program had significant reduction in depression symptoms. Over 51% of the 84% of patients with a significant decrease in symptoms would not meet the threshold to be declared depressed which means they were healthy and depression-free again.

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Treating ADHD

Attention deficit disorder is among the most common mental disorders in children. In some cases, this disorder has been documented to last well into adulthood. This disorder makes children impulsive, inattentive and hyperactive.

Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation and Predominantly Inattentive Presentation are the two main types of ADHD. The third type is a combination of the two main types of ADHD. It is believed that ADHD is passed from parent to child genetically.

The treatment of ADHD using neurofeedback is the most researched of Neurotherapy. Leading the charge of the application of this treatment to change lives is Neurocore. The organization has made a lot of progress in this field and has a lot of impressive results to show for it.

Of all the children with ADHD that the facility has been treating, 85% have shown a drastic reduction in the symptoms of ADHD. Out of the 85%, 53% have been declared ADHD-free as they do not meet the symptoms requirements for the mental disorder.

Neurotherapy to treat mental disorders

Neurotherapy offers a new treatment for disorders such as depression and ADHD. Have you tried this therapy before? What is your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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