Should I hire a nanny for my children? Whether or not to hire a nanny can seem like a daunting decision, but we break it down to make that choice a lot easier!

Finding the best child care for your little ones is often time-consuming. However, when you have multiple choices for care, it’s necessary to evaluate the pros and cons of all possibilities. Is day care the option for you and your family? Would you prefer a nanny to tend to your child’s needs on a daily basis?

When considering whether or not to hire a nanny, it’s important to first define your personal goals for your children and your family as a whole. Consider the cost, convenience and most importantly, the impact a nanny may have on your child’s social, emotional and academic development.

Determining whether or not to hire a nanny requires you to search within to discover your wants and needs while also seeking out advice from agencies such as CareWorks, as well as family members and friends with similar experiences.

The Challenge of Child Care: Nanny or No Nanny?

Start your preparation for finding childcare with this list of pros and cons that outline whether you should choose a nanny or not for your family.

PRO NANNY: One-on-One Care

Whether your child has special needs, craves quality time and attention or requires constant supervision during play, a nanny helps meet all of these needs with one-on-one care.

Instead of your child having to battle multiple children for a daycare teacher’s attention, he or she is provided with specialized attention at all times with a nanny on hand. In addition, nannies are able to solely concentrate on helping to develop your child’s academic, emotional and social skills. Just like hiring a Nanny, there are services like Savoir Vivre, who support families with special needs children and family members, through the use of a medical personnel, nurse shadow teacher or a care-giver. It’s all about providing the necessary requirements and attention to assist anyone who needs a bit of help.

PRO NANNY: Parental Control

When hiring a nanny to care for your children in your home, you may find that you have more parental control versus when your children are cared for in a daycare with set rules and routines that may conflict with your ideals.

With a nanny, you can set expectations and have more control over your child’s daily schedule, eating habits, sleep routine and outings. Unlike daycares where one individual cares for multiple children in a classroom, your nanny can provide one-on-one care and report back to you throughout the day. In fact, you can even request photos or schedule updates when employing a nanny.

PRO NANNY: Convenience You Need

It’s often a hassle to get all of the kids up and ready to drop them off at daycare before you head to work each day. Imagine the convenience of letting your child sleep in and enjoy a less stressful morning routine when you have a nanny at your home ready to care for him or her. As busy parents, it’s crucial to find time-saving techniques each day. Employing a nanny gives you a chance to avoid the morning rush and feel good about leaving to tend to your work or community obligations.

PRO NANNY: Relationships That Last

A nanny is in your home to provide quality care, but he or she is also there to build relationships with you and your children. Whereas daycares often have high turnover, when you find a nanny that is a good fit, you have the potential to build bonds with this person, as well as trust. In addition, nanny agencies such as CareWorks, spend ample time screening nanny candidates to find an individual who has similar interests, beliefs and personality traits so that your family meshes well with this individual.

PRO NANNY: Consistency for Your Children

Children often get attached to the people who care for them, which is why consistency is one of the primary benefits of employing a nanny. Inconsistent care or a rapid turnover of child care providers can be stressful for children. In fact, your child may even experience emotional issues when exposed to different babysitters or daycare providers.

The consistency of having the same nanny for years to come gives your child a chance to create a bond of trust that lasts a lifetime. In addition, because parenting brings about spontaneous changes, having a nanny as part of your lives allows you the flexibility to handle schedule changes. If you have to work late or head in earlier than usual, you can simply work with the nanny to accommodate your schedule.

POTENTIAL DRAWBACKS: Why a Nanny Might Not Be a Good Fit For Your Family

While there are many benefits of hiring a nanny, for some families, it may not be a good fit. However, with every challenge comes a solution.

CON: Different Parenting Styles

Since your nanny is the sole care provider for your children while you are gone, it’s important that the two of you are in sync about parenting styles. In some cases, you and your nanny may disagree about how to approach sleeping or eating schedules, as well as discipline.

The Solution:

Just because you have a parenting style conflict with a nanny doesn’t mean you have to toss out this childcare option. Instead, work with an agency to find a better fit for your family. Thoroughly screen and interview potential nannies to avoid this challenge.

CON: Cost

It’s no secret that hiring a nanny may cost you more than daycare centers. The costs to employ a nanny vary based on the number of children you have, your location and the duties of the position. For some families, the cost is too high.

The Solution:

Consider hiring a nanny on a part-time basis to meet your needs. In addition, compare and contrast the cost of daycare. Daycares often require parents to pay for five days a week regardless if their children attend or not.

CON: Lack of Regulations

It is possible to hire a nanny who does not have any experience, training or education on child development. In fact, you may even find that some nannies are not certified in CPR, which may pose a risk to your children.

The Solution:

Work with a reputable agency like CareWorks to find qualified, trained and personable nannies. When you have additional experts screening nannies for you, you can avoid taking risks on someone who is not qualified.

The key to finding the right childcare option for your family is to thoroughly investigate the options. So, for you and your family, is it nanny or no nanny?

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