Sharing is an important characteristic that helps us in many ways. To make this a feature that sticks life long, it has to be instilled from childhood. For kids, especially, sharing can be a little tricky. Parents with single children may face it more. Worry now! Here are a few tips that will help your child get the habit of sharing.

How to Teach Your Child the Habit of Sharing

It is entirely okay for your child to take possession of toys. Sometimes, they don’t want to share their people with anyone else too. I remember how I used to be so whiny, sharing my grandma with my cousins. However, the attitude must change as it is essential in today’s world. People who share what’s theirs are often seen as kind and big-hearted people. Sharing is not easy, but when it is done, it can be unforgettable.

You set an example

Your kid is around you all the time, and with or without intending, you are her most significant influence. The first step that you should do is be generous yourself so that your kid gets to see you and learn the action and replicate it. What you do regarding sharing and being generous has an impact. So you know where I am getting. Be courteous and share things with others. And when you do, ensure you tell how it is essential to make other people happy and its impact on them.

You can also bring nieces and nephews and cousins together and let them spend time together. You can tell them stories and incidents related to sharing. It could be as big as donating clothes and food or as small as sharing a plate or a toy.

Involve sharing games

Play the game, passing the ball, or do crafts together with limited resources or paint together or grow a plant together. There are so many games and activities that one can do to teach sharing. While growing a plant, you can tell them how we all share the planet, water, mud, and how the kids will share and take turns and get the fruits or vegetables or flowers from the plant. However, you have to ensure that all of this is conveyed to your child. Otherwise, this is just an activity with a lost cause. These small games and exercises can play a huge role in building the habit.

Appreciate all the tiny gestures

Appreciation and praises go a long way than you think they would. When you make sure to appreciate your child and also other kids when they share, it will make them feel good and boosts them to do more. When you praise other kids, they might want it to and behave in a certain way.

A positive attitude and loving behavior will get the best results with children, especially. However, it is expected that sometimes kids do it one time and go back to not sharing mode again. So you can point out that they made a grand gesture last time and ask them to do it again.

Mix, mingle and sort it out

Bring in other kids and watch your kid mingle with them. Let them play, decide, negotiate, and then sort it out on their own. When you see a fight, don’t go and intervene immediately. It will even help you understand their behavior better. As it involves other kids, the focus should be on reaching an agreement and how your baby does that. You can also ensure an elder kid is present to spice things up. Just kidding! Adults will have more things to contribute.

How to Teach Your Child the Habit of Sharing

The most important thing is how consistent you are with pushing this attitude and behavior. Talk with your child as often as possible.How to Teach Your Child the Habit of Sharing

We hope this blog gave you ideas on how to get your child to share her possessions. Please comment if we have left out something. Also, share an activity or an idea that worked for you! We would love to hear from you!

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