The kid is cute when they smile, regardless of what their teeth look like. However, your little one’s smile could get in trouble growing up. Good habits are taught early, while kids work like sponges – they absorb anything. The same rule applies to their smile. Here is how to help your kid maintain a healthy smile.

How to Help Your Kids Maintain a Healthy Smile

Good habits are taught early while kids work like sponges they absorb anything The same rule applies to their smile Here is how to help your kid maintain a healthy smile
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Provide the tools

Get a soft-bristled brush and teach your little one how to brush their teeth. While some people believe stiff bristles are better, your kid’s gums are fragile and can easily irritate, so stick to something soft instead.

The toothbrush should be changed every three months, regardless of its appearance. Ensure you also invest in safe and effective toothpaste for your kid.

This dentist in Virginia Beach also adds that you should never forget to floss. You can start flossing your child’s teeth as soon as the gaps between them fit closely together. By the time they are 10 years of age, they can start flossing on their own.

Teach your kid the basics

Teach your kid the basics in terms of brushing their teeth. They should do it after each meal – make sure they do it before bed too. The brushing movement should be gentle and at a 45-degree angle. Move the toothbrush in a circular pattern, clearing food and bacteria.

Make sure your kid does not miss any spots – the inside of the teeth is just as important.

Limit the sugar consumption

Bad food is indirectly causing dental problems. It is not the food doing it, though. But leftover food will attract bacteria, leading to cavities and other similar problems. Of all the foods out there, sugar is the most harmful one.

Ensure your kid gets plenty of nutrients – like vitamins and minerals, rather than empty calories and carbohydrates. Sugar is not only bad for their teeth but also for their weight and overall health.

Take your kid to regular dental checkups.

Two checkups a year are enough – take your kid to a dentist every six months. Good hygiene will prevent problems, but they may still arise. You need regular checkups even if everything looks and feels alright. It pays off to identify potential problems at an early stage.

Plus, dental checkups are not all about hygiene. A dentist will also identify a destructive chewing pattern or potentially crooked teeth.

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Make healthy foods accessible.

When your little one is hungry, the last thing they want is to wait until you slice an apple or cut a carrot. Instead, keep a small container full of small bites. Furthermore, you can get your kid involved in the process.

If they are old enough to walk by themselves, give them a list of healthy snacks to find inside the supermarket once you go shopping. Being involved will give them extra confidence. Want to learn more about healthy food for kids? Click here and check out this article, where I review the best food options for kids.

Start dental visits early.

Most kids hate going to the dentist – it is not their fault. You need to start these dental visits early so your little one has plenty of time to get used to the dentist – or at least a stranger working inside the mouth.

If you only take your kid to a dentist when in pain, they will automatically associate such visits with pain and discomfort. Taking the kids to the dentist from an early age will also give them a head start if they need to use aligners. You can get them clear teeth aligners that will ensure your kids will have a healthy smiles all their life.

Get plenty of fluorides.

Fluoride builds up teeth. It strengthens the enamel and prevents lots of potential damage. In some communities, water is rich in fluoride, but this is not a general rule. Toothpaste does have fluoride, but toothpaste is not enough for your kid’s teeth. A fluoride supplement may also be required.

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Remember that too much fluoride is harmful and may cause your kid’s teeth to discolor. Double-check with your dentist before buying such a supplement.

How to Help Your Kids Maintain a Healthy Smile

In conclusion, good hygiene practices taught early are usually enough to maintain your little one’s smile. Other things come as bonuses. Make sure your kid attends dental checkups twice a year and teach them to appreciate a healthy snack over harmful sugary foods.

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