Are you wondering how much in-home care services cost? If yes, keep reading to find out the prices you can expect.

If you have an aging parent, you may be facing the problem of elderly care. Perhaps you’re a senior who is looking to hire an in-home caregiver. A retirement community may be out of the option due to the high costs and the need for independence.

That’s why in-home senior care is a popular option. Home care services cost various factors, such as supplies or medical needs.

How Much Do In Home Care Services Cost on Average?

If you’re looking for a monthly breakdown, in-home care can average cost around $4,000 per month. This average breaks down to about $20 an hour.

In some states, you could pay above the national average, or you could pay under the national average in other states. This article provides an in-depth look at in-home care costs. Let’s explore.

Are you wondering how much does in home care services cost? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the prices you can expect.

State Rundowns

You may live in a state where the $ 4,000 average doesn’t apply. The following states tend to come with higher senior homecare costs:

  • Minnesota: $24/hr.
  • Rhode Island: $25/hr.
  • Hawaii: $25/hr.
  • Massachusetts: $25/hr.
  • Alaska: $26/hr.
  • North Dakota: $27/hr.

Conversely, these states offer lower homecare expenses:

  • West Virginia: $16/hr.
  • Lousiana: $16/hr.
  • Mississippi: $17/hr.
  • Arkansas: $17/hr.
  • Alabama: $17/hr.
  • Tennessee: $18/hr. -consider home health care in North Nashville.
  • Georgia: $18/hr.
  • North Carolina: $18/hr.

An hourly rate is the most direct way to calculate your expenses. Additionally, the cost depends on the senior’s lifestyle.

  • Example: If a senior needs assistance for a few hours daily, the expenses won’t be expensive. Seniors who require additional hours require higher costs.

It’s worth noting that some homecare agencies require minimum hours ranging from two to four hours each day.

Day and Overnight Rates

A daily rate is a better option if a senior needs around-the-clock care. A daily rate from a home agency amounts to anywhere between $200 to $350 a day. The daily option will help the elderly who don’t have someone to help them throughout the day.

Like hourly rates, the day and night rates depend on state and region. An overnight rate is an option for seniors who get up frequently at night due to a medical condition. Overnight care may also be necessary in Alzheimer’s cases.

Regardless, an agency typically charges between $120 and $200 for 10-to-12 hours of care. This is a good option if seniors have family members who care for them during the day but need additional assistance during sleeping hours.

Type of Care Needed

If you’re unsure about the proper rates, consider what type of care a senior needs. The following may apply to you:

  • Personal Care: Personal care may come in the form of daily baths and daily dressings. The client may also need help going to the toilet. Each situation is different, but personal care of this magnitude can require around 100 hours of care each week.
  • Medical Care: This option consists of tube feedings and routine shots, among other services. The medical care option is also a good choice if the senior needs to be dressed daily. This type of care may require 12 hours of care each week.
  • Monitor Care: Monitor care doesn’t require the caregiver to be in the home. Instead, they will be on-call in case an emergency arises. This form of care may call for 56 weekly hours.

Moreover, you can calculate the hours to see how they will suit your budget.

Costs Based on Different Scenarios

The cost of care may seem daunting, but it may not be as expensive as you’d think.

  • Example: An elderly couple may need help with simple tasks like grocery shopping or routine chores. They could hire a caregiver who visits them two times a week, with each visit consisting of two or three hours. The rate of the caregiver varies, but the monthly cost could only be around $600 per month.

A caregiver who visits a few times a week would be an immense asset if a senior fared through a fall or accident. Overall, this is an excellent plan for seniors who need a helping hand often.

On the other hand, the monthly rate will be higher if the senior needs comprehensive care.

  • Example: An older woman suffers from mobility issues. She needs help with such tasks as dressing herself and cooking meals. For three visits a week at 4 hours each session, the cost could be around $1,500 per month.

With this option, caregivers can also take the seniors to their appointments. Moreover, they can help clients sort their medications.

In more severe cases, you’re looking at an average of $4,000 a month or more.

  • Example: An in-home patient is paralyzed from the waist down due to ALS. Therefore, that person needs the assistance of a specialized nurse who commences the necessary procedures to help the patient throughout the day. The cost may come to $4,000 per month for five-day visits at seven-hour sessions.

In-home care permits more flexibility than assisted living choices, especially during times of emergency. If you’re struggling to find in-home senior care during the COVID fallout, consider this in-home care solution.

Home Care Services Cost vs. Assisted Living Costs

Overall, in-home care gives seniors freedom and dignity. Home care services costs are more manageable than assisted living costs because you can customize the care plans according to your needs.

Senior home care costs may seem expensive, but home care agencies offer affordable plans for many people. However, each situation is different, and you should calculate an hourly or daily rate to determine a reasonable budget that works for you.

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