What if you could stop the cycle bigotry and racial negativity Learn how you can help Youth Transcend Racial Negativity Today

What if you could stop the cycle of bigotry and racial negativity? To make a true impact when it comes to racial discrimination. Not just in your own life, but stopping the cycle in our nation’s youth? To raise awareness and help youth transcend racial negativity. Guess what, you can, and it’s easier than you ever could believe, thanks to the fantastic film “Trouble in the Water.” 


Recently I was blessed to speak with Roger Edwards, the producer behind “Trouble in the Water.” Based on an award-winning screenplay, “TROUBLE in the WATER” is a short, family-oriented film that brings a powerful and positive message. By exploring how negative racial messages are gradually internalized and passed from generation to generation, the film illuminates the profound impact of these messages on a child’s self-image.

This thought-provoking, inspirational DVD serves as a youth outreach media tool that can change the dynamic of the next generation. With its easy-to-digest DVD format, it allows educators in any field to make an impact on their students’ lives. 

So how can you help? 

As you may know, teachers are constantly facing budget cuts, making access to essential tools nearly impossible. Roger and the folks at Cool Breeze Communications want to provide a copy of this fantastic film to as many educators and professionals as possible. Their initial goal is 1000 copies, but long term wants to place copies in the hands of many more educators.

So how can we help? How do we make this difference to stop the bigotry and racial negativity cycle? By getting copies of this fantastic film into the hands of teachers, early childhood development professionals, and counselors at no cost to them.

You can now donate on GoFundMe to help achieve this goal. Every dollar counts and is a huge help! If you cannot help financially, share this great cause on your social channels. Together, we can truly change the dynamic of the next generation!

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