Disney Princess PleyBox Subscription Review- Princess Ariel

Do you children watch YouTube or YouTube kids? If they do, then you might have seen an unboxing episode or five hundred! Unboxing videos are all the rage. Even more so are unboxing videos of subscription boxes! My kids absolutely love watching these, so we knew we had to get in on it! Having three girls, we decided to go with the Disney Princess Pleybox subscription from Pley.com.

Disney Princess Pleybox Subscription

When the mail came the other day, our mail man came up and hand delivered the girls a bright pink box. This isn’t the norm, but our postman is a really awesome person. We are constantly receiving packages at our home, so he has met all the children several times and the dogs as well, lol! Anyways, I digress. The girls were so ecstatic! I made them wait a day before opening, just because it was so fun hearing them debate which princess it was and why!

Our First Unboxing Video!

We did our first unboxing video, and that is when the girls got to see what was inside. Our middle daughter was the only one brave enough to go on camera, so it worked out perfect that it was her favorite Disney princess, Ariel!

As we unboxed our Disney princess pleybox, we found such a huge value in the box! There was an adorable Ariel doll with a hard-plastic flounder, Ariel sunglasses, Ariel Pajamas, and a cure little magazine packed full of games, activities, the Ariel story, and instructions on how to turn the box into Prince Eric’s ship! That’s right, the box that everything is shipped in turns into an activity of the kids to play with their new toys!

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So, what did we think?

We were extremely impressed by the quality of the toys, clothes, and accessories included in our Disney Princes Pleybox. I added up the cost of each individual item, and was amazed to find out it equaled almost three times the price of the subscription! So not only do your little ones get the surprise factor, they also get an amazing deal too!

Tips and Tricks for your next box!

First, and foremost, make sure your little ones do not destroy the box when they open it. Every box turns into a keepsake activity to play along with their princess.

Next, make sure to open any emails you receive from Pley.com. When you sign up, you will receive emails with sneak peaks, bonus activities, and even a heads up with shipping confirmation when your Disney Princess Pleybox is on its way!

Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative! Once I put Prince Eric’s ship together, I realized my girls would have me putting it back together often! To solve this, I used a tad bit of hot glue in areas of the ship I thought might easily pop loss. This has worked perfect, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the ship last several months at least with the girls.

Check it out!

Make sure to watch our first unboxing video below! We would love if you give it a thumb’s up too! Then, head on over to pley.com to get your Disney Princess Pleybox Subscription started today!

Disney Princess PleyBox Subscription Review- Princess Ariel

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