There once was a time when children who needed their teeth straightened entirely relied on metal braces. But things have changed these days. Invisalign for kids makes getting straight teeth easy without the “brace face” look.

It was assumed that Invisalign was only for adults for many years, but that is not true. If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign for children, check out the information below.

When Can Children Get Invisalign?

Invisalign is for children whose teeth have already matured. If a child is still losing teeth and growing teeth, then the aligners won’t be effective. This is also true for metal braces.

The straightening treatment won’t work if a child still has baby teeth. But once all of their adult teeth have completely grown in, getting Invisalign for kids is okay.

However, Invisalign should only be for children a little more mature. When children are only eight or nine years old, they may not care for their aligners the way they should.

It’s also worth noting that if your child has some of their permanent teeth missing, the dentist may suggest getting Dental implants in dallas first to utilize the full effect of an Invisalign.

The Benefits of Invisalign for Kids

Not only that, but for the treatment to be effective, the trays must be in the mouth for at least 20 hours per day. Small children may tend to take their aligners in and out of their mouths— which will hinder the treatment’s effectiveness.

Therefore, if you allow your child to get Invisalign, make sure they can handle the responsibility and know the importance of keeping their retainers in.

No Dietary Restrictions

When a child gets their teeth straightened with braces, they must eliminate certain foods. An individual wearing braces is advised to avoid hard foods, candy, chewy foods, and snacks like popcorn. It can quickly get stuck between braces or damage them.

However, those are the types of food that kids love the most. So taking that away from them is very restrictive. But with Invisalign, the clear aligners must be taken out while eating.

Therefore, your child can enjoy whatever food they want without worrying about damaging their aligners.

Confidence Booster

Invisalign for children is an excellent idea for adolescents who don’t like the look of traditional braces. These days, braces are the norm, and the look of metal braces has become quite popular. However, if your child isn’t into that look, Invisalign gives them an alternative.

By using clear aligners, they can receive their teeth straightening treatment and feel confident.

Easy to Clean

Another one of the perks of Invisalign aligners is that they’re easy to clean. It’s advised for individuals with clear aligners to brush them whenever they brush their teeth.

If the trays need a deep clean, they can put them in a cleaning solution for about an hour. Overall, Invisalign is pretty comfortable to maintain.

On the contrary, if your child had braces, a lot more maintenance would be involved. It’s easy for food particles to get stuck between the wires and brackets, making it difficult to brush. They’ll spend lots of time trying to dig out food residue—which is a bit daunting for some children.

However, Invisalign for kids simplifies the straightening process by minimizing the extra complications.

Better Oral Hygiene

Speaking of cleaning teeth, the downside to not properly getting teeth cleaned is that it leads to oral issues. Built-up food particles can cause plaque and gingivitis, as well as cavities. While going through the teeth straightening, your child must keep their teeth in tip-top condition.

If they get a cavity or an oral infection while undergoing treatment, it can completely halt the entire procedure. It’ll force the orthodontist to stop everything, treat the oral issue, and then go back to the Invisalign process.

Helps With Severe Dental Issues

Some children have severe dental issues that cause them to require more than one method of treatment. But sometimes, the problem is so severe that braces are needed on the front end.

In that case, the orthodontist will put braces on the child so their teeth can move to a specific position. Then once that’s done, they’ll give them Invisalign to finish the teeth straightening process.

Lasting Benefits

Invisalign for kids isn’t just about avoiding braces. It’s about giving them a treatment alternative that provides long-term benefits. As previously stated, a lack of proper cleaning can lead to poor oral hygiene. If your child develops oral issues because they don’t brush their teeth properly, that could have long-term effects.

Also, wearing Invisalign instead of braces allows your child to treat multiple issues at once. If your child has an overbite, then Invisalign can deal with that issue simultaneously.

But if they had braces, they would have to wait to get braces on their bottom row of teeth until the overbite was corrected on top.

Invisalign for Kids: The Perfect Solution

Invisalign for kids is a great option that comes with many benefits. Child orthodontics is continually improving and making the teeth straightening process easy.

Many wish they could’ve gotten their teeth straightened with clear aligners instead of braces. So if your child wants to get Invisalign, it’s okay to let them do so!

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