One of our highest priorities is keeping our family safe regarding parenting. But where do you start? Check out this great post on developing a family security plan from our friend Carol James from

Taking precautions to protect our loved ones and valuables is essential and not complex. There are three critical components to a basic security plan:

  • Insurance
  • security system
  • home security safe

These three components offer layers of protection from the top down, with home safes being your last line of defense. Once these three elements are correctly in place, you can be confident that you have done what is necessary to protect your family and home.

3 Components Of Basic Family Security

One of our highest priorities is keeping our family safe regarding parenting. But where do you start? Check out this great post on developing a family security plan


The critical types of insurance are health, homeowners, and life insurance. With these three forms of insurance, you and your family will be protected from severe financial problems that could come from significant medical issues, damage or loss to your property, or the untimely death of a significant income earner.

Keep your insurance documents inside your fire-resistant box to protect them in case of a fire. Home safes add value along the way.

Security System

A security system is the second critical component to protecting your family and valuables. Even the sticker on the window near your front door is a deterrent to a prospective burglar. Installing a security system is a great way to help protect your family.

Burglary is a crime of opportunity, and these criminals will pick a target that will offer easy success. Knowledge of the presence of a home security system will often be enough to send the thief in search of an easier target.

Whether you have a large estate with access control gates or a tiny home with a wooden front door, installing a security system is necessary. Once you have your security system installed, use it!

If the criminal enters, the system will notify your home security company, and their arrival time will be fast.

Home Security Safe

A home security safe is your family security plan’s third and final component is home security safe. Home security safes come in many types and sizes. Look at home safes that provide both burglar and fire resistance. Many big boxes or discount stores have home security safes but be wary of what you are getting. Often these home safes offer some fire protection but are not designed for burglar protection, though that may not be evident from the description on the box.

There is no such thing as a fireproof safe. A fireproof safe is a misnomer. Instead of a fireproof safe, there is a fire-resistant safe. To ensure you get the protection you need, look for a sticker on the safe that indicates that an independent third party has verified the fire resistance, not just tested by the factory that made the safe.

The other sticker to look for is a U.L. sticker indicating that the home security safe has passed the test for Residential Security Container (RSC). United Laboratories is the only independent organization that tests home safes for burglar resistance.

Components Of Basic Family Security

Insurance, a security system, and a home security safe are the three essential components of protection you need for yourself and your family. Get set with these three components, and you can rest easy at night knowing you have done what you can protect your family and valuables.

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