Making money in business means finding a market ripe for new ideas and turning your marketing towards them. Many viable businesses are working in a family friendly market is a great option. Families are the backbone of our country, and there are many ways that you can help provide them with quality services and products that they will appreciate. You can also run a business with your family, which is a fun and profitable way for them to learn the value of hard work and gain new skills and experiences. 

7 Exciting Family Friendly Business Ideas

The thing with family-friendly businesses is that if you are successful, the kids you are serving and selling to today will introduce your brand to their children down the road. That is a unique aspect of catering to families that should not be overlooked. Plus, it can be fun. You can be very creative when developing products for kids, and sometimes the smiles on their faces are payment enough (although we want the revenue too!). 

Working with your kids can bring the same enjoyment. Sure, maybe they grumble now and again, but they will take what they have learned and use it when they become adults. A good thing to remember is that when working with kids, there are additional risks. They make mistakes, and bad things can happen. You can protect your business while building something special with your children if you have the right insurance coverage, like a business owner’s policy (BOP). BOP coverage provides a range of possible protections for injuries, liability, and business property damage. Plus, if your kids are working for you, they will need workers’ compensation just like everyone else. 

While it is great to have them around, anything can happen with kids. Here are some family friendly business ideas that could bring you significant profits and enjoyment. 

While it is great to have them around, anything can happen with kids. Here are some family friendly business ideas that could bring you significant profits and enjoyment. 

Family Restaurant

There are a lot of family restaurants out there, and there are good reasons for that. For one, there is a great need for them. Parents are tired after long days at work or caring for the kids, and sometimes they want to go somewhere where they do not have to cook and do dishes.

A family restaurant can welcome people of all ages, and the patrons understand that is the case as well, so there is no complaining about the noise. If you have a creative mind for food, you can work on creating imaginative dishes that kids will love. Sure, you may have a headache on some nights when things get rambunctious, but the money you bring in will help make you feel better. 

Dog Training and Dog Care

Everyone loves dogs. They are as family-friendly as you can get. If you and the family have a passion for dogs, why not make some money off this? There are plenty of places to learn how to train dogs properly. You can hold courses for new dog owners and even provide in-home services if you would like.

You can expand this type of business to include care, such as grooming and nail-clipping, and sell dog accessories like leashes and bowls. Running this type of business is a great way to pass on knowledge to your kids in a safe place. They can be around dogs and spend their time away from school helping with the business. 

Social Media Content Creation

Content creation is another business that can be marketed to families but can also be operated as a family. This might be a viable choice if you and your kids have a knack for performing and being on camera.

Families love to see their own lives reflected by others, especially if it’s entertaining and humorous. You can document your daily lives, create funny videos, perform music, and dance to choreography. Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram are perfect places for you and your family to show off your wacky and creative sides while making some money at the same time. 

Greeting Cards

This is another one that involves creativity and having some fun. Greeting cards will always be a need. People will always have birthdays, holidays, special milestones, and doing things that require gratitude.

You can market cards to kids that are funny and have some unique aspect to them that appeals to kids. They can be colored in, or they come with a funny song. This is also a business in which you can involve your kids. Who else would be better to provide you with feedback on your ideas than the kids? 

Lawn Mowing and Snow Shoveling

Many people out there own homes but cannot take care of specific tasks. This might be because they are swamped, have mobility issues, or have illnesses that prevent them. A lawn care or snow shoveling business is perfect for getting the whole family involved.

The adults can handle the heavy machinery, and the kids can help with weeding, salting, or other jobs that require less lifting and dangerous activities. There will always be a need for these services.


You’ve heard of people flipping houses, but you can flip just about anything. Start by selling old clothes and items from your home on a site such as eBay. This will help you declutter and give you some extra cash.

The kids can participate because they will have old items they can sell too. Then you can use that cash to purchase things that you think you could sell for a higher profit. This might mean buying in bulk or buying things that aren’t readily available where you live. You can then sell those items for a profit online or through your local buy and sell social media pages. 

The kids can help by sorting products, folding clothes, putting things in packages, scanning items if you have a scanner, and any other small jobs that need to be done. They can even take the photos you post online to sell the items. They will learn valuable lessons about commerce and selling high and buying low. 

Here are some family friendly business ideas that could bring you significant profits and enjoyment for everyone

Car Washing

Cars aren’t going away anytime soon, and they can collect a frightening amount of dirt, grime, road salt, and other debris that seems to stick to paint jobs like glue. A family car wash is a great way to work together and make some money simultaneously.

The kids can do the scrubbing, hosing, and wiping, while the adults can manage the finer details. It’s a business that can get everyone up and move, so keeping kids active won’t be an issue. There will be no time for devices, and besides, they don’t want to get damaged by the water. 

Kid & Family Business Ideas

Starting a business is exciting enough, but starting one that involves your whole family is even more fun. All you need is an idea and some equipment to get started in some cases. Why not work together and build something that you can all be proud of? Try out these ideas, or think of one yourself. 

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