Addiction is a disease that affects not only the addict but everyone that cares about them. One of the most challenging but crucial things about it is admitting that there is a problem and sending your loved one to a treatment center.

Signs Your Loved One Is Struggling With Addiction

The person struggling with it and their environment need to recognize and stop denying the problem to solve it. It’s far from easy, but it’s the only thing that can genuinely help. If you worry that the person you love is abusing the substance, read these six undeniable signs that your loved one is struggling with addiction.

Physical and mental changes

There is always a price to pay when one engages in substance abuse. Mental and bodily manifestations of symptoms are pretty standard. The more advanced the addiction, the more likely it is that even strangers can see the signs. Common physical symptoms from drug abuse include:

  • contracted pupils
  • abrupt changes in body weight
  • scars or abrasions on the skin 
  • stuffy nose
  • constant nosebleeds
  • irritated eyes
  • poor hygiene 

Self-isolation is one of the signs that your loved one is struggling with addiction.

Addicts may isolate themselves socially as a coping mechanism. They could try to conceal their drug abuse or withdrawal symptoms in this way. When someone’s alcohol consumption reaches a particular threshold, they may withdraw from social situations to hide their binge drinking habit.

It should be a warning sign.

Many persons attempting to conceal their drug abuse may resort to secrecy. That is a common symptom of someone battling with addiction and should be investigated further. They feel guilty about drug abuse but cannot quit because of their addiction. People you care about may be dealing with addiction if they withdraw within themselves, spend long periods alone, and behave strangely when approached. Keep in mind that leaving them to deal with it by themselves in that state won’t help their addiction recovery but will prolong it and probably make it impossible at some point.

Help them recognize they need help.

Recognizing self-isolation in people you love is essential because it can indicate a spectrum of severe behavioral disorders. It’s even more important to acknowledge it in addicts because quick action is crucial. You need to help them recognize they need change if you want to help them make the first step and look for the right experts.

Major differences in habits

Habit changes and odd behavior are common symptoms of addiction. Eating habits are important ones to consider. Some people use substances to reduce hunger. We’ve recently witnessed a massive scandal of cocaine abuse in the modeling industry. The relationship between abuse and the motive to take a particular substance is quite strong. Once established, it can change a lot in a person. As a result, an addict could develop peculiar eating patterns.

Physical activity patterns may also shift suddenly. If you know someone who has recently undergone significant changes in their fitness routine, diet, or other comparable behaviors, they may be struggling with substance abuse.

It's important to recognize signs that your loved one is struggling with addiction if you want to help them. Let us help you with it.

Weird sleep patterns

Substance abuse directly impacts sleeping habits. People who are battling addiction have disturbed sleeping patterns. Addiction may manifest in oversleeping, late-night waking, and early morning slumber. That varies on the type of drugs they use. The effects of stimulant usage on your loved one’s sleep will be more pronounced. Depressants, on the other hand, may cause lengthy stretches of sleep at odd hours.

They tend to behave erratically.

Addict’s erratic conduct may stand out the most. Keep an eye out for out-of-character actions if you believe a loved one is abusing drugs. Extreme forms of addiction may include perilous episodes of irrational outbursts. But make sure to take advice from experts at Harmony Ridge Discovery Center – if a loved one is behaving aggressively, you must put distance between yourself and them and seek treatment immediately.

It’s harder to recognize when there are other illnesses involved

Substance abuse is a common coping mechanism for those with mental health issues, including addiction, anxiety, bipolar illness, and schizophrenia. It’s not unusual for people to struggle with more than one mental illness and need help from a trained expert.

Finding drugs or equipment

This one is probably the most obvious of the signs that your loved one is struggling with addiction. However, you’d be surprised to find out how many people ignore it. It’s to be expected because it’s hard to cope with even thinking that someone you love is an addict. The denial goes to such an extent that the parents of an addict often find it easier to believe that what they’ve found does not belong to their child or any other excuse there is. But, the truth is – when you find drugs or equipment for its application, you need to open your eyes and stop the denial.

What to look out for?

Most drugs need special equipment. Learn about the equipment used to enhance drug usage if you’re worried about a loved one abusing drugs. Pipes, syringes, lighters, bongs, razor blades, charred spoons, and other cutting surfaces such as glass or mirrors are all things to look out for. Some seemingly unrelated products are utilized to cover up drug abuse. Use of an excessive quantity of eyewash, for instance, might be a sign that a loved one is abusing drugs.

Final thoughts

It must be painful even to consider that someone you love got trapped in the vicious claws of addiction. Some people falsely perceive treatment in addiction treatment centers, so they don’t want to accept it. But opening your eyes is the best course for you and your loved one. The only way to help them is to accept that, in reality, they have a problem. So, if you recognize one of these six undeniable signs that your loved one is struggling with addiction, make sure to stop denying it and investigate further. There might be a lot hiding underneath, and the sooner you see it all, no matter how unpleasant, it will have a better and happier ending.

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