As parents, we all worry about the health and wellbeing of our children. It can be devastating when your child is sick. All you want to do is take their pain away. 

5 surprising things that could be making your child sick

However, it’s even worse when your child is sick, and you don’t know the cause. It’s confusing, upsetting, and frustrating. But some things can make your child sick that you wouldn’t expect. Here are five surprising things that could be making your child sick.


You’ve probably never wondered: can breathing roundup make you sick? The short answer is yes, it can. If your child spends a lot of time running around in the garden, they could be getting sick from the weed killers you use.

The fumes and dust could be irritating their nose and throat. You want your child to enjoy being outdoors, so consider using more friendly weed killers or natural solutions. 

Baby powder

Baby powder or “talc” can have a surprising impact on health. For a decade, research has been going into whether it can increase women’s chances of getting ovarian cancer.

The results are still unclear. However, it might be best to avoid talc if you are concerned. Some children might also be allergic to talc, so stop using it if your child develops a rash or blistered skin.   


How could doorknobs be making your child sick? Well, doorknobs show signs of carrying vast amounts of germs. It’s no surprise – many people touch them throughout the day. While you probably can’t ensure that your child steers clear of all germs, it’s useful to know where you can pick up germs.

Covid-19 has made us all more aware of how easy it is for them to spread. So, encourage your child to get into good practices and regularly wash their hands, especially after touching doorknobs. 

Your pets

It’s awful to think that your beloved family pet might be making your child sick. However, it could be the case. For example, germs from dogs can cause a variety of illnesses, varying from minor skin infections to serious diseases.

While it can be great for a child to bond with a pet, teach them to be sensible. Don’t allow your dog to lick your child’s face, and encourage them to wash their hands after petting. And ensure your dog is healthy by getting regular veterinary check-ups.   

Unwashed veg 

It’s essential to make sure that your child eats plenty of vegetables. However, unwashed vegetables could be making your child ill, as they could be carrying harmful germs such as salmonella and listeria. Plus, vegetables tend to be grown using chemicals. So, make sure you always wash vegetables before cooking. Better yet, grow them in your garden. 

Know What’s Making Your Child Sick

Knowing about these five things that could make your child sick, you can work to help your children stay healthy! Make sure to check back often for more great parenting tips!

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