Some people are quite happy to lose teeth and if there are no significant health problems, leave them be and do not replace them. However, if you have any missing teeth, there are plenty of reasons you should replace them. These range from aesthetic to health reasons.

5 Reasons You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Below are five of the most critical factors why you should replace missing teeth as soon as possible, helping keep your winning smile.

Dentures Are Not Comfortable

Dentures may seem like a simple answer when you have missing teeth, but they are not the most convenient. You will need to remove your dentures every night and clean them. In addition to cleaning your teeth, and after a while, they can get uncomfortable to wear.

You can also lack the confidence to eat certain foods as they may dislodge your denture.

Your Jawbone Can Weaken

The longer a tooth is missing, the more it can damage your jawbone. After a tooth is removed, a process called resorption starts. The process is where the bone deteriorates and can change in shape, altering the way your face looks. The longer the resorption goes on, the harder it will be to restore the jaw. You should seek treatment as early as possible.

It Will Make You Look & Feel Better

Another excellent reason to fix missing teeth is that it is going to improve your appearance. When you look better, it can also help you feel better. It can give you a confidence boost and make you feel good about yourself.

It can often be worth the cost of dental implants with the effect it can have on your life. This can lead to significant changes in how you feel about yourself. The cost of dental implants in Auckland and most other locations is quite reasonable. Many dental clinics are offering this service, so it means prices are also competitive.

Missing Teeth Can Cause Jaw Pain

Missing teeth can lead to chronic jaw pain. The bite of your jaw changing once the tooth is removed causes this. The jaw’s alignment can change when teeth are removed. Over time, the misalignment can lead to pain in the temporomandibular joint.

Everything Is Back On The Menu

It is common for people with missing teeth or who wear dentures to avoid certain foods and drinks, causing them problems when consumed. Once you replace the missing teeth in your mouth, you will be free to eat and drink anything that you like, within reason, confident that you can eat or drink them with ease.

For this reason alone, it is worthwhile investing in dental implants to replace your missing teeth. It will be something that you benefit from the most.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, visit your local dentist today and see what they recommend replacing them.

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