How often you need to visit your gynecologist depends on your age and personal situation. But experts recommend that most women in the US should have a routine gynecological exam at least every other year.

It is always a good idea to make sure your reproductive health is a-okay, and there are no underlying issues. But women’s health was not discussed in many schools and many households. Some people with female genitals might not know the scope of their options or spot signs of an issue.

4 Important Questions to Ask At Your Routine Gynecological Exam

Here are some questions to ask your gynecologist and during your next appointment to make sure you receive the best advice and care.

What Are My Contraceptive Options?

Many women who become sexually active as teenagers start with the contraceptive pill on the advice of their GP. And then they stay on it until they want to get pregnant. The contraceptive pill is ideal for many women, but it is not the only type of protection available.

During your next routine gynecological exam, ask about your options. Some of these are:

  • Condoms
  • IUD
  • Injection
  • Patch

They all have pros and cons, but the best gynecologist will be able to help you find the right one for you. Search “gynecologist near me” or “OBGYN near me” to look at your local options.

Is My Menstruation Normal?

Again, many women start menstruating as teenagers and receive advice from peers and adults who are often as clueless as each other. These reasons are why teenagers need to have a routine gynecological exam.

The first exam should be between the ages of 13 and 15.

Tell your gynecologist your usual menstruation pattern to check it is normal. Use an app like Clue to track your symptoms and bleed days. Irregular periods can be a sign of an underlying issue, so knowing what is expected will help you spot it early.

When Is My Next Test or Screening?

Women start getting pelvic exams at age 21 in the US. These exams screen for cervical cancer cells and HPV. They are often called pap smears.

Keep on top of these tests as well as your routine gynecological exams. Your gynecologist will know how often you need to have them or if you need to have one sooner than planned.

Should I Get Tested for STIs?

Your sexual health is confidential. So, you may also be open and tell your gynecologist about how often you are having sex and how many people.

Then, you can ask them how often you should test for STIs and which STIs you should be being tested for.

Your gynecologist will be able to give you their best judgment if you give them accurate information. They will also be able to help you spot the signs of STIs and the best contraceptive methods for your sexuality to prevent them.

Schedule a Routine Gynecological Exam Today

You do not need to feel embarrassed or shy during a routine gynecological exam. If you are not honest and open about your lifestyle and concerns, you will not receive the care you need.

Schedule an appointment soon to address any concerns you may have and stay healthy.

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