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3 Easy Hacks When Transitioning Your Decor Throughout the Winter

Looking for ways to transition your decor throughout the winter?

Saving time and money is something we all want to accomplish for the rest of the winter season. After the holidays, we have most likely taken a hit in our bank account. Decorating your living area can be a little daunting, especially when you don’t want to spend additional money. Read below for easy hacks to ease these doubts when you are transitioning your decorations.

Don’t Forget to Repurpose

From Thanksgiving until Easter, there are quite a few ways your decor changes. The keys to cutting back time and mastering your decor transitions are simply reusing and recycling! The holiday that tends to stick out with copious amounts of decor is Christmas. Get inspired by Christmas decorations that you can repurpose for different holidays at the Decorator’s Warehouse website. 

This year, look into repurposing those useful holid1ay decorations or even purchasing Christmas accents that are easy to upcycle. Fun repurposing projects like these are also a great way to get the kids involved. Great crafting techniques can get the creative juices flowing and provide some hands learning for your children.

Start by giving them each a plain wreath to work with. Allow them to add in some neutral, winter-themed items such as fake snow or pinecones, or let them choose an upcoming holiday to base their craft project around. St. Patrick’s Day or Easter are perfect places to start! For more ways to help exercise your kids’ creative sides, refer here.

Add in Pops of Color

With those cold winter days taking over and weeks without any sunshine, it can quickly feel as if your well-being has been making a massive downfall. The cloudy days provide a gloomy, grey tone over you, and most likely, you could use some pops of color to brighten your mood. This is when you would start looking for brighter home decor options, such as a Cushioned Table Alternative For Your Room, or some funky wallpaper, to cheer things up.

Not only do statement colors make it easy to transition decor between holidays in the winter, but they also have the power to improve your wellbeing. Invest in some solid-colored pillowcases that are easily interchangeable. You’ll be surprised by the impact that this small couch accessory has on the entire room! If you are looking for something that brings out both color and lights, you can invest in some cute Neon Lights for the season.


While it’s nice to add colors throughout your home, it’s important to remember that the easiest way to transition decor is by smoothly using neutral colors. Choose a few different statement pieces and ensure the rest of your color scheme is neutral enough to fit well with the various holidays throughout the year.

Invest in Easy Storage

Inevitably, when you have a disorganized space, your decorative theme will not be pleasing to the eye. It is crucial to invest in proper storage and organization solutions, as well.

Not only will this help you transition decor between themes smoothly, but it will also give you a more cohesive and calming look to your living space. Convenience is vital when shifting your decorations. If it’s not an easy swap, many of us tend to give up and move on to something higher on our to-do list.

Try working with clear storage bins so you can easily see what’s in each container. This will eliminate some of that searching time and allow you to get your decorating to-do list checked off quicker!

Transitioning Your Decor Throughout the Winter

We hope you enjoyed these 3 Easy Hacks When Transitioning Your Decor Throughout the Winter! Make sure to comment below with your favorite winter decor hack!

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