Your First Valentine’s Day as a Married Couple: 5 Exceptional Gift Ideas


Marriage is bliss and comes with a lot of surprises, emotions, and love. After the big Day, there are still many firsts to come. One of those is Valentine’s Day. Everyone wants their first holidays after marriage to be extra special. We compiled this list of Exceptional Gift Ideas for Your First Valentine’s Day as a Married Couple.

5 Gift Ideas for Your First Valentine’s Day as a Married Couple

Valentine’s Day is a day of showcasing your love to your partner in every way you want. Whether you do some Romantic Getaways near York with Hot Tub or hand write a love letter, this is a day to celebrate your relationship. Here are some of the best ways for your 1st valentine’s celebration:

1) Little gratifying gifts

What do we think foremost when we talk about a particular day or a moment? Yes, gifts always are a reason for a beautiful smile on your lover’s face. For your first valentine’s Day as a married couple, you can plan little gift ideas for all the sweetest moments you share with your partner or spouse.

Make sure to prepare all the activities on that particular Day and then choose gifts that suit the moments perfectly. For example, If your lover likes chocolate, you can gift a bundle of valentine’s chocolates. If your spouse enjoys flowers, you can collect roses or lilies for them. There’s no limit on creativity.

Plan things accordingly, and decorate the gifts nicely with a red ribbon or a heart-shaped balloon or candies. Moreover, you can add a thank you or a love note to your gifts. Doing this will surely impress them and excite your love like never before.

2) Let’s hangout

With all the work and busy life, everyone is running off to celebrate the special day, taking some time out for your love. Take a day off and plan a nice getaway. It’s not necessary to go somewhere very far. You can decide on a place that’s nearby having the best vibes. This way, you both can spend some time together and will surely ignite your love.

You can go to the nearest hill station, a beach, or a sunset point to make the Day perfect. Make sure to have pre-bookings to avoid any last-minute hassle. Moreover, if you are sporty you can go hiking, cliff jumping, bungee jumping, skiing or riding. All that matters is the time you spent with your love, and there’s no better idea than a nice getaway.

3) What’s cooking?

Who doesn’t like food? We all do. This valentine’s plan is something different for your love, something that is easy and romantic. If you both seek to spend every moment together, you can plan to cook without any doubt.

There are little moments that count, and you should not leave them. Cooking is an art and also a way to express your emotions to someone you love. If you prepare your partner’s favorite dish, they will be excited and happy to the core.

Plan to cook something special, watch Netflix, and have some wine for the perfect first valentine’s Day as a married couple gift idea.

4) Make a ‘Why I love you’ book

George Eliot said, “I like not only to be loved but also to be told I am loved.” Sometimes it’s not just enough to love somebody; you have to say your love. And what’s better than a book having reasons to love your partner.

Generally, men aren’t expressive, and they need to be reminded of the love they deserve. You can gift your partner this book called ‘ Why I love you,’ and you will see a different shine on his face. Note all the reasons why you love him, and this will be the best gift for his lifetime.

5) Write a Love Letter

In the world of Instagram and snap chat, who will write a letter? There’s no better expression to convey your love than a handwritten note. Your way of winding emotions and your steadfast love symbolized in words is everything you need to win your lover’s heart.

If you love to write, this may be the perfect gift for you! If not, Hallmark has some great tips on writing a love letter here.

To go a little above and beyond, you can add your love letter to other romantic Valentine’s gifts to make it the perfect gift!

Your First Valentine’s Day as a Married Couple: 5 Great Gift Ideas

We hope these 5 Exceptional Gift Ideas for Your First Valentine’s Day as a Married Couple have given you some starting ideas for the big Day. Keep falling in love, and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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