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Why is my skin so itchy?!

One of the most common complaints kids make is that they feel itchy and there are lots of things in the average household that could be irritating them. However, identifying the source of a particular itch or rash isn’t always as obvious as you might think.

Here are a few things that might be causing your problems.

Household Pests

Every home is shared by a few freeloading housemates. Spiders like to hide in corners, small mites may take up residence in the carpets and soft furnishings and bed bugs are more common than you might like to think!

If you are worried about household pests, calling in a pest control professional is the best idea. They will be able to identify any areas that are infected and solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Why is my skin so itchy? Check out these common reasons and what you can do to relieve the itch


There are all kinds of allergens in the average home and plenty of irritants too. Pollen is a big issue for lots of hay fever sufferers through the spring and summer but anything from pet hair to washing powder can cause an itch.

Identifying allergies is often a process of elimination but you can see a specialist for more conclusive results. Keeping an allergen-free home can be an endless task of washing and cleaning but you will see a big difference in your overall health.

Abrasive Fabrics

Another cause of itches is abrasive fabrics. Kids with sensitive skin might find regular sheets are irritable so buying more expensive, higher-thread counts could actually be a good investment to help them sleep.

Similarly, choosing softer fabric for their clothes is really important, especially in the summer months when they feel hot and sweaty. 100% cotton is ideal as it is breathable and kind to sensitive skin.

The Wrong Soap

Lots of soaps contain a wide range of ingredients so while one soap is absolutely fine, another could start irritating your skin. The same goes for shampoos and conditioners – many people find that they can’t use a particular brand because it causes itching.

Soaps that use natural ingredients are often best for sensitive skin. Indeed, by making your own mild soap, you will know exactly what goes into each bar and make sure that there aren’t any irritants involved.

Dry Skin

Your skin goes through a lot in a day and there are plenty of things that will dry it out from a turn in the weather to the wrong soap. Treating dry skin is really important because you don’t want it to crack or become infected.

There are plenty of different moisturizers around that will help your skin to heal, but again,  there are a few simple moisturizing recipes you might like to try at home. These recipes are great because you know exactly what is going into them and quite a lot of the time, you’ll find all the ingredients you need already in the kitchen.

Naturally, you should always ask a doctor to check out any symptom you aren’t sure about but, if there is no infection, trying a few of these tips should bring you some relief.

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