Why Organic Is the Right Choice for Babies
Why Organic Is the Right Choice for Babies
Organic food is a trend that is definitely here to stay.  We have embraced going organic, especially with fruits and vegetables!  My husband actually has an allergic reaction to the pesticides on many items, so it’s the only way for him to eat fresh.  This life choice isn’t just for adults though.  Organic is the right choice for babies too!
Today, we are going to focus on some of the great benefits of going organic for babies.  That being said, food choices are always best decided between you and your child’s doctor.

Why Organic Is the Right Choice for Babies

First, I want to cover one major misconception when it comes to organic vs non organic.   Organic fruits and vegetables are not any more nutritious than non-organic choices.  Having fruits and vegetables as a huge part of your diet is essential to all around health, organic or not.  So why would you want to go organic?

We all have heard organic is better, but not always why.  There are so many different options out there when it comes to buying baby food, and now there is organic to add to the mix.  Today, we are going to go over our top 3 reasons why organic is the right choice for babies.

Why Organic Is the Right Choice for Babies

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1. Organics Are Grown Without Pesticides

Non-organic foods are sprayed with pesticides to keep bugs from eating up the crops.  Some of these are actually known to be bad for human health!  For us, it is actually a life threatening issue for my husband.  Though this is not the norm, including extra chemicals in your diet is never ideal.  Though you can (and should) scrub your produce down, you cannot get rid of it all.

2. They Do Not Have Unpronounceable Ingredients!

In order to produce visually appealing products, many food companies add artificial colors.  There is no health benefit to food dye, but many people (like myself) have allergies to food dye that affect our kidneys.

Food dye isn’t the only additive put in many baby foods.  Artificial flavors and preservatives also add to the mix of unnecessary ingredients added to everyday food.  These do nothing good for our body, and research shows it can even contribute to hyperactivity in children!

3. Organic Baby food is More Allergen Friendly!

There are several major allergens out there such as milk, nuts, and even soy.  You still have to look at labels, but organic baby food brands are making it a little easier for parents.  Most organic brands avoid these products.  With limited ingredients in these products, it’s so much easier to spot them if they exist in the food!

There Ya Go!

There are our top 3 reasons why going organic is best for baby.  To check out some amazing choices for baby, head on over to Organic Baby Food for formula, baby food, and more!

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