‘Emergency’ means an unexpected, serious, and often dangerous or life-threatening situation that requires immediate action. As scary as it sounds, the only way to properly deal with emergencies is to prepare. Take the recent global COVID-19 pandemic, for instance.

Thankfully, we have at least a few days to make and stock up. And fortunately, shops remained open and stocked, which means we still had access to daily necessities.

Why Every Family Should Have These Emergency Kits

But what if we do not have enough time to prepare? What if none of the shops were allowed to open? You probably think that these two scenarios are farfetched. However, the most important thing to do now is prepare for the future.

Believe it or not, there is a way that you can plan for emergencies, and that is by equipping your household with an emergency kit or two! Let’s look at some of the designed kits on the market to save lives.

Why you need an emergency kit

Keeping an emergency kit at home can save lives. This isn’t just a statement, as emergency kits have saved countless lives. Every emergency kit is different, but they are primarily designed to have the necessities that can save or sustain your life in the event of an emergency.

The essential items usually include food, water, first-aid kits, sleeping bags, etc. Some companies even let you customize your kit according to the emergency you are preparing for.

For example, if you live in an area where natural disasters often occur, you want specific items to help disaster strikes. But even if you don’t live in a high-risk area, keeping an emergency kit in your home, car, or workplace is essential.

Best emergency kit on the market

Now that you know a little more about emergency survival kits, here are some specially designed options to protect you. At 72hours.ca, they specialize in one thing, your survival. It is best to keep several of these kits either at home, in your car, or even at your workplace for better preparedness. These emergency kits are carefully designed for easy transportation to help you survive different emergencies. Depending on your family size, you can get most of these kits for one up to four people.

1. Essential Emergency Survival Kit

As a basic emergency kit option, the Essential Emergency Survival Kit is enough to give you peace of mind if an emergency breaks out. It contains the most necessities, including a 3,600 calorie emergency food ration and 125ml water rations for each person. Other vital survival tools included in the essential emergency kits are first aid, light, warmth, shelter, and communication. All the survival essentials you need are packed into a specially designed backpack that you can take on the go. Everything from the outside in is carefully thought out for your survival.

2. 72HRS Deluxe Backpack

The Deluxe Backpack is your answer if you want an emergency kit with more advanced survival tools. The best part is even with so many items. They are conveniently and compactly packed into a specially designed backpack. Of essential things, the Deluxe Backpack contains a 3-day supply of US Coast Guard approved rations for both food and water.

The kit also has Aquatabs water purification tablets to help you stay hydrated if you run out of water. Included are a 108 piece first aid kit, three-wick 36 hr emergency candle, and much more. Exclusive to the Deluxe Backpack also consists of an AM/FM radio, hand-crank powered light, and a USB device charger.

3. 72HRS Real Meal Emergency Survival Kit

Food and water are the most necessities for survival. The Real Meal kit has an extensive supply of gourmet freeze-dried food that can last up to 30 years and water rations that can last up to 5 years.

If you’re wondering how you will prepare your meals, the answer is the included Piezo Ignition Cooking Stove! Besides these, there is also a whistle if you need to alert someone for help, N95 dust masks to protect you, a multi-functional toolbox with stainless steel tools, and much more.

Being Prepared

We humans have a terrible habit, and that is, we tend not to think about things until they happen to us. Unfortunately, when something does happen, it is often too late. Take the recent global pandemic as a lesson. None of us are resilient towards emergencies. So, if you’re reading this, congratulations on thinking one step ahead and keeping you and your loved ones safe! Having an emergency kit on hand will be the best decision for you and your family’s survival.

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