SPA therapy is becoming more and more popular these days as it helps to heal the body, improve sleep, relieve stress, pain, and fatigue, and get positive emotions. Thanks to an outdoor spa, blood circulation improves, which helps treat many diseases. It also has a positive effect on weight loss and is used in anti-aging procedures.

What You Should Know Before Buying an Outdoor Spa

The main difference between the existing models is the size and volume of the bowl and the presence of special equipment for care – filtering and purifying water and heating it. You can purchase a tub with additional features like remote control from a smartphone and other devices that increase comfort.

more and more popular these days as it helps to heal the body improve sleep relieve stress pain and fatigue and get positive emotions Thanks to an outdoor spa blood circulation improves which helps treat many diseases

The Different Types of Outdoor Spa

High-quality materials are used for tubs resistant to corrosion, chemically active substances, and temperature extremes. Acrylic, thermoplastic, and composite materials are used for the bowl.

One of the factors that distinguish spa pools from ordinary ones is the presence of jets:

  • Hydromassage: These supply jets of water under pressure.
  • Aero massage: Instead of water, airstreams are released into the bowl, forming bubbles underwater.
  • Combined: produce both water and air jets.

According to the principle of operation, jets are divided into:

  • Straight jet: These jets create a stream directed to one point.
  • Dynamic: These cause water flow that can pulsate or look like a whirlpool.

Manufacturers of hydro massage are constantly improving and expanding their capabilities. The price of outdoor equipment depends on many factors – the size, the number and type of jets, the power of pumping equipment, and others. Jets are made of stainless or chrome steel and plastic.

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Enjoying Your New Spa

You can install an outdoor spa in the courtyard of a private house in the country. Outdoor installation does not require additional costs for constructing the pavilion and allows you to admire the beauty of nature and get wellness treatment.

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