What You Need to Know About the Eco-Friendly Benefits of Riding a Longtail Bike

If you’re searching for a sustainable and exciting way to transport your family, there’s nothing better than long tail bikes! A powerful electric bike, the long tail delivers the speed and muscle you want for transporting kids with a sleek, modern design. With global CO2 emissions topping an all-time high of 36.8 Gt, embracing sustainable transportation alternatives is more important than ever. You can do your part by switching to an economical and adventurous longtail bike.

Skip the Traffic While Lowering Emissions

More families are ditching their traditional vehicles in favor of longtail cargo bikes, thanks to their ease of use and zero emissions. With longtail bikes, you can say goodbye to traffic jams by utilizing bike lanes, saving you hours of travel time every month. Along with long commutes, vehicles are one of the largest producers of harmful CO2 emissions, with a single passenger car producing around 4.6 metric tons yearly. With so much pollution, it’s no wonder there is such bad air quality in large and small cities, but the good news is that there is an excellent transportation alternative! 

Switch to Longtail Bikes An Eco Friendly Fun Way to Transport Your Family Say Goodbye to Traffic Emissions Why Longtail Bikes Are the Perfect Alternative

Longtail Bikes: An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Longtail bikes are gaining popularity as one of the best alternatives to traditional vehicles for families. The perfect mode of transport for families, they offer flexible seating for up to three children, storage for gear, and loads of power. With one charge, you can ride up to 140 miles, and thanks to the mid-drive motor, you can even easily climb hills. Longtail cargo bikes are incredibly low maintenance, unlike traditional vehicles, saving you time and money. Some of the (many) benefits longtail bikes offer families include:

  • Ample cargo space for carrying gear, groceries, and more;
  • Durable construction to carry up to three kids plus an adult;
  • Battery power means you never have to worry about buying gas;
  • Skip the traffic and spend more time on fun activities;
  • Kids stay close for unbeatable peace of mind;
  • Fun for the whole family!

With so many benefits, it’s hard to believe that using a longtail bike could get even better, but they produce zero emissions thanks to their battery power! Since they don’t rely on gas, you plug your bike in, and it charges quickly without harming the environment. In fact, according to a University of Westminster study, one longtail cargo bike can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to traditional vehicles. Now that’s a planet-loving alternative!

How LongTail Cargo Bikes Benefit the Environment

While there’s no doubt that longtail bikes are one of the most fun modes of transportation, they also offer loads of environmental benefits. Families focused on embracing sustainability can feel good about choosing these eco-friendly vehicles. What are some of the benefits of switching to longtail bikes?

  1. Reduce CO2 emissions and the impact of greenhouse gasses – As mentioned earlier, the amount of CO2 and greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere every year is mind-boggling, and the consequences are extensive. Air pollution negatively affects humans, animals, and plant life; nothing is immune. 
  2. Save money on fuel – With gas prices rising dramatically, it’s never been a better time to switch to a battery-powered longtail bike. The average person spends around $200 monthly or more on gas, putting a big dent in the family budget. To charge a longtail bike, you only have to plug it in, and you’re good to go. You can get up to 140 miles on a single charge, making running errands or spending the day exploring the town easy. With so much money saved on gas, you can enjoy family activities and create memories with loved ones. 
  3. Increased physical activity and better health – One of the best benefits of switching to a longtail bike is its impact on your health. Riding around town is an excellent way to increase physical activity while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Kids love spending time on longtail cargo bikes, taking in the sights, and exploring. The more time you spend outdoors as a family, the less time you spend on the couch playing video games! 


Each person is responsible for caring for the planet, and embracing sustainable alternatives like longtail bikes is an excellent place to start. Switching to a battery-powered, family-friendly vehicle like a longtail cargo bike offers ample storage, room for up to three children plus an adult, and non-stop fun. Now, you can ditch the traffic, connect with your kids, and care for the planet while having a blast on your longtail cargo bike!

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