This time of year can be hectic for mums. You might have Christmas shopping to do, nativities and other events to attend at school, crafts to enjoy, a house to deep clean, and other festive preparations, on top of your everyday work, cleaning, cooking, and trying to fit in some time to see your friends and enjoy events without the kids. Y

Festive Self-Care for Mums

You might feel tired, stressed, and overwhelmed by everything you have to do. It’s times like this when we need self-care more than ever. Unfortunately, it’s also when we have the least time to commit to looking after ourselves. While you might not have time to hit the spa, self-care for mums can be easier than you know!

Christmas may provide the least time to commit to looking after ourselves While you might not have time to hit the spa self care for mums can happen

Treat Yourself to Some New Makeup

If you’ve got festive events coming up, you might be keen to look your best and feel more confident. If you are used to wearing the same makeup every day, a change can be a significant boost to your mood and self-esteem.

Try some new colours and add a little sparkle to lift your mood and make an impression. Take a look at Stila for some great options. Stila offers a range of cost-effective but high-quality makeup, which could make a great addition to your winter beauty supplies.

Go Shopping with a Friend

Nowadays, we do a lot of our Christmas shopping online. While this can be a great way to save time and an effective way to cut costs, it does take some of the joy out of the experience.

If you’ve still got shopping, try to arrange a trip with a friend. Take in the Christmas lights and decorations on the high street, look around, and then treat yourselves to lunch or a festive hot chocolate. You’ll still be working on your to-do list, but you’ll also get a chance to enjoy a little of the season’s joy. 

Get Outdoors

We’re often guilty of staying inside much more in the winter to keep warm and avoid bad weather. But this can hurt our mood, as well as our health and fitness. Of course, when the weather is terrible, you should stay safe indoors. But on a crisp, dry winter’s day, a long hike or a gentle jog can boost your circulation, help you burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and boost your mood.

Build a Self-Care Kit

Cold weather is a great excuse to wear your PJs and get cozy in the evenings. But sitting around watching TV while you scroll social media isn’t good for your mental health. So, give yourself other options. Make sure you’ve got puzzle books, jigsaws, novels, colouring books, podcasts, healthy snacks, essential oils, and scented candles that lift your mood after a long day. 

Self-Care For Mums This Christmas

The run-up to Christmas is a magical time of the year. But for mums, it can also be bustling and stressful. Make sure you practice self-care to avoid burnout and help you to enjoy the season. 

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