Pregnancy and birth are major milestones in a woman’s life. Naturally, you and your family will want to document your progress through this exciting life change in detail. 

While pregnant women and new moms are naturally beautiful, you may be unfamiliar with what to do with those extra curves. With the proper outfit, including postpartum shapewear, a flattering hairstyle, and tasteful makeup, a good photographer can capture this beauty in your maternity pictures. Here are some tips about what to wear to your photo shoots.

What To Wear for Your Maternity Photo Shoot: 9 Tips and Ideas

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1. Postpartum Shapewear

After birth, your baby bump will take around six to eight weeks to go away. Your uterus will be swollen, and your abdomen will be around the same size as when you were 20 weeks pregnant. Even after uterine swelling goes away, a woman should have gained around 20 pounds during a healthy pregnancy. This extra weight is intended to feed the baby after birth by providing the calories needed to produce large amounts of breast milk. If you are breastfeeding your baby, the extra weight should gradually disappear. Still, it takes around six to twelve months to dissolve.

You can embrace your curves while holding your newborn and getting pictures documenting your first few months together. Consider wearing postpartum shapewear during photo shoots if you feel self-conscious about your swollen uterus and baby weight. These garments are worn under your outfit. They gently and safely compress your body, giving it a firmer, slimmer, and more toned look. Postpartum shapewear can even help your recovery and reduce swelling over time, allowing you to fit better into your clothes.

2. Wear a Maxi Dress

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Consider wearing a long, flowing dress in your photo shoots during later pregnancy and early postpartum. This dress style will naturally flow around your baby bump, emphasizing it while taking attention away from any insecurities you may have. Most maternity clothing lines understand this principle very well. Flattering maternity maxi dresses in various colors and styles are available.

3. Wear a Fitted Dress

Although some women want to hide their pregnancy curves, you should be proud of them! Try having some photographs taken in a tight-fitting dress that proudly shows off your feminine curves. If you take photos postpartum, you can wear everyday shapewear underneath your fitted dress to smooth out and firm your thighs and buttocks, enhancing your curves. You might be surprised at how beautiful you look with your pregnancy glow shining through.

4. Wear Casual Outfits

Looking back on the experience later, you will want to see yourself in various settings and outfits. Add interest to the photographs by opting for textured clothing, such as a cable knit sweater or clothing adorned with lace or embroidery, rather than wearing patterns. The pregnant body looks better in solids than in prints, pastels, or bright colors. Neutral colors like black, white, gray, and beige also work well.

5. Bring Several Outfits

Select three outfits for your professional photo shoots and get photographed in all of them. Most photographers are used to their subjects making wardrobe changes during a shoot. Consider bringing a more formal look, a business-casual type look, and a relaxed, informal look, such as silk pajamas under a robe. You will enjoy looking at your different styles in your maternity pictures in the upcoming years.

6. Avoid Matching With Your Partner

Some life partners think wearing matching outfits is cute. Sometimes it is, but try to take only one or two maternity photographs where you and your life partner wear the same outfit. It’s a cute idea that gets old quickly. Instead, try to wear complementary colors to change it up. If you are unsure what colors and styles complement your selected outfit, ask your photographer for advice on what your partner should wear.

7. Wear Classics, Not Trends

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Capture the beauty of pregnancy with these outfit tips for maternity photoshoots. Feel confident and beautiful with postpartum shapewear, flowing dresses, and classic styles highlighting your natural beauty.

We all have those photos with regrettable fashion choices. Don’t let that happen to your maternity pictures. Instead, choose clothing that has a timeless, classic style.

8. Makeup and Hair

For maternity pictures, you want your natural beauty to shine through. Go with a light touch; use a little concealer if necessary, but try to make it look as natural as possible. If you are paying for a professional photography session, consider hiring a professional to do your makeup at the photo shoot. If you feel more like yourself with a face of full-glam makeup, go for it! These photos should make you feel confident and beautiful, not turn you into someone you are not.

Similarly, consider hiring a professional to style your hair at the photo shoot to ensure you look your best.


As your body changes through pregnancy, many women may experience many emotions. It can be difficult to see your body grow, but it’s important to remember that your bundle of joy is in there! Your body is beautiful at every moment of your pregnancy, and it’s important to document these exciting times. Follow these helpful tips for selecting outfits for your maternity photo shoots, and you will be delighted with your pictures.

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