Do you know what to do if you find your child injured in a car accident?

20-50 million Americans suffer from car injuries yearly, resulting in disabilities.

Child Injured in a Car Accident?

Are you wondering what to do when injured in a car accident? Not to worry! This guide we’lli cover what to do after your child has been in an accident. There is no doubt about it; it is almost always best to seek support and guidance from a team of legal professionals in the aftermath of a car accident.

However, planning your next steps can be overwhelming. If you would like to learn more about how a team of experienced legal professionals can help you after a car accident, you can find plenty of helpful resources on the Lamber Goodnow website. Keep reading to find out how to handle a car accident in more detail.

There are certain things you should do if you or your child is injured in a car accident. You can check out our guide here to learn more. #parentingtips #carseat #safety

Check on Your Child

After the accident, try to assess how your child is doing. If they appear injured or unconscious, don’t remove them from their booster seat or the car.

Doing this could worsen any present injuries. Call 911 (or your country’s emergency response number) for help and wait for the first responders to arrive.

Try to keep them calm as you wait for the first responders, and ask them to stay seated until they arrive.

Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

Spinal injuries, internal organ damage, or brain injury might not appear immediately. Younger children and infants can’t express the pain they might be feeling.

Make sure a doctor examines your child after the crash. Continue to check on them for a few weeks following the accident. Stay on top of the recommended medical care so your child can recover fully.

If you were also injured, complete the exercises recommended by a physical therapist. Please encourage your child to continue their activities, so you can both recover.

Get a New Car Seat

Even if the accident was minimal, consider buying a new car seat. You might not see the damage done, but for peace of mind, replace it. Your insurance company might even provide funds for this cost.

Get an Experienced Lawyer

If you are injured in a car accident, work with a knowledgeable Iowa personal injury lawyer after the collision. They will collect information and evidence to prove the other driver’s negligence.

They will also negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. This way, your child’s financial and medical needs get met.

When the public thinks of the role of lawyers, it probably considers the jury trial due to its prominence in TV and cinema. While Federal jury trials involve attorneys persuading real-life jurors in a courtroom, the process is far less dramatic and esoteric than typically portrayed. This article ( attempts to break down some of the processes and demystify Federal jury trials for the layperson.

Insurance Companies Want to Settle Fast

Insurance companies want to get claims involving kids settled as fast as possible. They know that parents will work hard to pursue a personal injury claim for their children.

The insurance company will try to settle the claim fast with a low amount. Make sure you consult an attorney beforehand. Ask your attorney to deal with the insurance company, so they don’t take advantage of you.

Settlements Involving Minors

Settlements that involve minors are a lot more complicated compared to others. A car accident settlement of over $10,000 needs to get approved by the court. Some cases with settlements below that amount still need to get approved.

Funds then get held in a local bank account and get monitored. Work with an experienced attorney who has worked on cases involving children. Learn more about getting a settlement for a child.

Child Injured in a Car Accident

We hope you found this guide on personal injury accidents helpful. If your child becomes injured in a car accident, get an attorney.

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