Does organic herbal medicine have any vast advantages over regular herbal medication? Find out the truth here today. Click to learn more! #health #organic #naturalliving

Organic medicine involves using treatments that shy away from conventional pharmaceuticals to achieve healing.

This branch of medicine focuses on organically-grown ingredients but can also include most branches of alternative therapy.

What Is Organic Medicine? A Closer Look at Natural Alternatives

While the first use of plants in medicine goes back 5000 years, humankind has likely embraced the healing power of nature since the very beginning.

Let’s uncover the mysteries of organic medicine right now.

Does organic herbal medicine have any vast advantages over regular herbal medication? Find out the truth here today. Click to learn more! #health #organic #naturalliving

Types of Organic Medicine

Many types of alternative healing have been around for centuries. People have only started to consider them as valid alternatives to the norm in recent times, though.

These are some of the best-known types of alternative medicine practiced today:

Traditional Alternative Medicine

These are some of the best-known alternative therapies. Many of them originate from ancient Asian practices that have made their way to the West, along with immigrant healers.

Some of the main types of traditional medicine include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Ayurveda
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy

Traditional Chinese or Oriental medicine includes herbal therapy, meditation, exercise, massage, and acupuncture.

Mind Power

The power of the mind remains an unchartered territory, and many practitioners and patients alike believe in the healing power of mental energy.

Meditation and hypnosis are two of the most widely accepted forms of healing associated with the mind.

Biofeedback is relatively new in the field of alternative medicine. It involves mastering the inner workings of your body. Therapists use electrical sensors to help you learn these techniques.

External Energy Therapies

While the power of the mind is widely accepted, even in conventional medicine, some people prefer to look to outside sources for healing.

These therapies involve harnessing power from other sources to spark healing within the body. Electromagnetic therapy, Qigong, and Reiki are examples of this type of healing.

Holistic Healing

While yoga is traditionally associated with movement and meditation, the holistic yoga model embraces emotions, personality, body, breath, and mind. As such, yoga spans several of these categories of organic therapies.

Likewise, many people believe that the deep breathing, concentration, and mental focus of Tai Chi are excellent alternative treatments for anxiety.

Herbs and Diet

These types of treatments promote various plants or diet plans. Some of these practices are relatively unproven and aren’t always backed by scientific facts.

  • Dietary supplements including vitamins and minerals
  • Herbal medicine such as kratom from somewhere like Kona Kratom or CBD
  • Nutrition or diet plans like the paleo or macrobiotic diet

Remember, not all herbs are safe to consume in large quantities. Do some research before you try any untested or unproven supplements. Consult your doctor if in doubt.

Does organic herbal medicine have any vast advantages over regular herbal medication? Find out the truth here today. Click to learn more! #health #organic #naturalliving

Touch Therapies

Chiropractic and osteopathic methods, as well as massage, are widely accepted as complementary forms of medicine.

These treatments focus on aligning the muscles and skeletal systems or soothing aches and pains.

Get the Help You Need

If you’re wary of taking conventional chemical-based medication, organic medicine could be the right choice for you. Many people swear by complementary and alternative medicine.

It’s essential to check with your doctor first to ensure that your treatment of choice won’t harm you in any way before you try something new.

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