It seems that fashion designers are people who were born immediately with incredible talents and skills. However, a love for business and a fashion bachelor’s degree is enough to repeat many famous people’s success, or at least to devote their lives to that occupation that brings pleasure and a good profit.

What is a BFA degree in fashion?

Istituto Marangoni Miami advises starting preparation for further vocational training in high school. You can get the training in advance that will help you become a student and get a bfa fashion degree. In particular, you can start with the following classes:

  • Sewing and tailoring courses, where you will be taught to work with textures, fabrics, and styles and will be introduced to the operation of sewing machines;
  • Drawing or graphic design lessons develop taste, the ability to feel proportions and harmonious combinations of colors;
  • Studying professional programs such as CorelDraw or Serif DrawPlus will significantly help further education and professional activity.

Visiting exhibitions and galleries sincere interest in creative projects of various plans will also help you. Even before you become a student, you will already know and be able to do a lot. Then at the university, you will supplement and systematize your knowledge, create your collection and portfolio, and start a career even before you receive your diploma.

Why Earn a Bachelor of Fashion Design?

Some people work in the fashion industry without any special education. Still, these are uniquely talented individuals who, in addition to exceptional taste and skill, also have an element of luck in their career path. In most cases, special education is necessary because a fashion bachelor’s degree is not only prestigious but also a necessary stepping stone that will bring you closer to the profession of your dreams. In the process of training, you will learn about such things as:

  • Clothing design;
  • Working with different types of textiles;
  • Rules for creating sketches;
  • History of clothing design;
  • Management methods of fashion houses;
  • Rules for creating a quality product;
  • Secrets of successful photography;
  • Nuances of creating and presenting clothing collections.

The main advantage of the training program in this specialty is that the student receives only the most critical theory and a lot of practice. So this is the case when a diploma is not just a piece of paper but a significant piece of professional path and development.

How do I become a successful fashion designer?

In addition to completing fashion undergraduate courses, you need something else to develop your career. Courses provide and develop the necessary skills, but investment in your career growth should not quit at this stage. Next, you need to be in a circle of like-minded people, find your niche and develop your own business, or cooperate with companies and brands that create fashion collections and dictate trends.

Networking begins during the training process, so take a closer look at your future colleagues: you can get to know each other and take the first steps together without postponing things for tomorrow.

What to do after earning your degree

When it comes to a highly specialized industry, your heart and creative ideas should tell you what niche appeals to you because it is impossible to do everything at once. After receiving a fashion bachelor’s degree, you can focus on women’s, men’s, or children’s clothing, prefer a casual wardrobe, come up with fantasy collections, and develop the design of exquisite underwear or sew coats. Alternatively, you can use the qualification to develop into the business side of fashion. For example, you can become a brand manager, head of fashion houses and studios, deal with purchases or become a fashion consultant.

After receiving the BFA fashion diploma, many graduates try themselves as journalists and experts in print publications and television. In short, with such a profession, you will never be without a job and a good income, but first, you need to put in the effort and get a degree.

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