With personal emphasis being placed on honoring the wishes of loved ones past, cremation is a very popular option when making end-of-life plans. There are professionals in the industry who can help you plan for cremation, both in advance for yourself and loved ones in need of final services. 

What happens during the cremation process?

Choosing cremation comes with a variety of options when saying your final goodbyes. The process requires some decisions, so keep reading for more information on finalizing plans with cremation services. 

Direct Cremation 

Direct cremation services mean that there is no traditional viewing of the body that you commonly see at a funeral. In this scenario, the deceased’s body is taken promptly to the crematory. After all the regulations required by your state and county are met and signatures obtained, the body will be cremated. The choice to be embalmed is personal and not required. After the actual cremation, the family can purchase a decorative urn or have the remains placed into a temporary container made of hard plastic or, sometimes, a reinforced corrugated box. 

Cremation With Services

Even with direct cremation, you can have a memorial service. Sometimes, the family opts for a traditional funeral gathering with the deceased for friends and loved ones. Just like a burial, the casket can be opened or closed.  After the viewing and service are complete, the body is transported to the crematory instead of the traditional burial ground

After Cremation

There are decisions to make after cremation services are complete as well. One option allows for the family to take the ashes home. This can be accomplished with one decorative urn or, in the case of families or groups, many smaller urns that can be given to loved ones near and far. Some companies will now incorporate a small sample of cremated remains into jewelry for keepsakes. 

The cremains can be placed in a cemetery mausoleum, an option that allows for visitors later. Also popular is scattering the ashes of the loved one someplace special, on land or at sea. Ensure to check with local regulations beforehand when scattering ashes to comply with the law. 

Memorial Locations

The memorial can be held with or without the deceased to celebrate their life, meaning that you can hold their memorial anywhere that has special meaning to them. At the top of a mountain, a special park or wooded area, a religious setting, or even the middle of a city center can be the focal point of a memorial gathering. 

A Dignified Choice

Cremation offers a dignified choice to a traditional burial. The important thing is that you are comfortable with your choices while having the ability to honor your loved one. You are in control of the process with the ability to customize the cremation process to your individual or religious needs. For more information on cremation, look for “cremation services” online in your area. 

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