The rate of birth injuries in Wyoming and throughout the United States is alarming. The reasons for these injuries vary from natural, and accidental, while others result from medical practitioners’ negligence. Knowing the cause of injury can guide parents on the steps to take.

What are the most common causes of birth injuries in Wyoming?

Sometimes, children in Wyoming suffer birth injuries due to medical malpractice or negligence of the doctor or medical professional. The damages can cause minor harm or long-lasting injuries. Whichever the case, the cost of a birth injury can be high, financially, and in the pain and suffering endured by the child and their parents.

Contact a birth injury lawyer if the following causes your birth injury.

Learn about the causes of birth injuries in Wyoming and the US including medical malpractice and negligence

Medical Malpractice During Labor

Medical Malpractice can directly or indirectly cause a birth injury. Sometimes it can even lead to permanent congenital disabilities. Injuries caused by malpractice are usually the most apparent since the repercussions of the negligent act are almost immediate. A birth injury lawyer can easily prove such claims. Some common examples include:

  • A doctor uses too much force on the child’s face and neck during an assisted delivery which damages their nerves.
  • A nurse dropping the baby
  • A surgeon cuts the baby when negligently performing a C-section

In other cases, the chain of causation is diminished. Such cases involve malpractice that caused a particular medical condition that led to the birth injury. Common examples in Wyoming include:

  • Medical staff negligently sterilized the medical equipment used during delivery which infected the child and caused heart problems.
  • A doctor forgets about a lady in labor or delays the delivery and fails to notice that the baby’s umbilical cord deprives it of oxygen. The baby is then born with brain damage.

These medical conditions often give hospitals and their doctors a window to claim that negligence was not a cause of injury. However, a birth injury lawyer in Wyoming has the requisite experience to build a solid case to prove the relationship and get you justice.

Medical Malpractice During Pregnancy

Sometimes, birth injuries reported in Wyoming are caused by medical malpractice during pregnancy. Medical negligence during pregnancy can sometimes lead to permanent and deliberate injuries to an unborn child. While these malpractices are less common than those in delivery and labor, they still occur. 

Some common causes of birth injuries during pregnancy include:

  • Dangerous prescriptions from a doctor
  • A doctor failed to diagnose a genetic disease or risk. Doctors are legally obligated to detect specific genetic threats and abnormalities and relay them to the parents to allow them to make informed decisions.
  • Negligence during the utero medical procedures.

Doctors that do not hold up the standard of care for pregnant mothers should be held accountable for their malpractice. Contact a birth injury lawyer to seek compensation for such birth injuries.

Seek Justice With A Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth injuries are a painful experience for both the parents and the child, and worse still when they lead to permanent conditions and diseases. Not only is there pain and suffering, but also associated financial costs. Doctors owe their patients a duty of care. If your birth injury was due to medical negligence, contact a birth injury attorney in Wyoming to help you get compensation. 

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