When it comes to home renovations and improvements, the walls are essential. Wallpaper is the trend for 2022, and it doesn’t look like it is going away soon. Whatever your taste, countless wall art can reflect your personality.

Wallpaper Trends That Will Blow Your Mind!

Now’s the perfect time to freshen up your walls and give them a new lease of life. The most attractive homes are the ones that express people’s personalities. So, let’s look at various wallpapers and prints that reflect your interests, dreams, and ideas here. All these beautiful wallpaper can be found here at Photowall.com. Make sure to use this 20% discount code themomkind20, but hurry as it’s only valid until October 22, 2022.

Wallpaper is trending in ways you wouldn't believe! Transform your home with these gorgeous wallpaper ideas of 2022. These wallpaper trends are otherworldly!
Enchanted Forest Wallpaper

1. Botanical Indoors

Tropical and botanical prints are the top trend for 2022 wallpaper designs. These motifs give a sense of nature and wonder into your home a whole new way.

A Country Weekend

A Country Weekend – Photowall.com


Cicuta- Photowall.com

2. Animal Prints for Everyone!

Animal wallpapers are often seen in children’s rooms, but the current trend is toward beautiful adult versions. Forest motifs featuring deer are prevalent and in keeping with the overall biophilic trend, like these: 

Peacocks and Flowers

Misty Reindeer Forest

3. Scenic Walls That Take You Away

With the benefit of modern photography, these wallpapers can take you away to beautiful places or even other worlds!

Upper Valley Morning

Broken Old Window

A window into Enchanted Forest

4. Chinoiserie Whimsey

One trend that is coming up fast is the Chinoiserie designs. These beautiful colorful renderings will delight your family and friends. This beautiful, superb sight is an absolute must decorative item perfect for hanging in your home to add some modern art to your walls.

Peacock Mentelle

Chinoiserie Garden – Emerald

5. An Abundance of Floral

Tropical flowers can change the existent scenery of a whole room instantly. These beautiful, unique paintings of lush, wild nature will be perfect for any style in your home. One thing is for sure; you will find a lot of exciting motifs in this popular category. 

Painting of Cosmos Flower II

Chinoiserie Garden – Emerald

Mint Crush – White

6. Mediterranean Tile

Wallpaper that looks like brightly painted Mediterranean tile is exceeding in popularity. These cheerful designs aren’t just for bathrooms and kitchens. Try having a tiled motif wall in your living room or office for a fun twist on your decor. 

Moroccan Tiles – Blue

Moroccan Tiles

7. Art Deco

Art Deco is a decorative art and architecture movement that originated in the 1920s. Now a century later, the distinctive characteristics of simple, clean shapes are as popular as ever. 

With traditional options, you can accomplish an elegant theme for your bedroom, dining room, or bathroom. On the other side, there are countless modern looks with art nouveau-inspired geometric prints in a range of soft, trending tones.

Deco Patterning I

Lofty Arches III

8. Vintage Inspiration

Every style trend keeps a little of the old while combining it with the latest trend. A vintage design wallpaper gives a sense of stepping back in time. These murals can be the room’s focal point as it’s the first thing a person sees. Having vintage wallpaper murals will help set the tone for the rest of the design. 

Happy Yellow 23A

Pale Vintage World Map

Highveld Garden – Ochre

Wallpaper Trends are Here to Stay!

As you can see, there are tons of beautiful and enchanting wallpaper for every style and room you can imagine. These wallpaper trends are just the start of what is available for your next home design renovation. Head over to Photowall to get easy-to-install, stunning, trendy wallpaper today! Remember to use the 20% discount code themomkind20 at the checkout by October 22, 2022.

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