Virtual Learning & Tutors: Hiring a Virtual Tutor to Help Struggling Students

Virtual Learning Tutors Learn how hiring a virtual tutor to can help students struggling to keep grades current while online

Virtual Learning & Tutors: Hiring a Virtual Tutor to Help Struggling Students

Virtual learning has several benefits for children learning from home. From flexibility to resource diversity, virtual learning has equipped many with the education that may have been difficult to access. 

Children are becoming accustomed to virtual learning – however, this comes with various difficulties. For example, children’s nature is that they hold a short attention span, require focused attention, and seek quality interaction.

Virtual Learning & Tutors: Hiring a Virtual Tutor to Help Struggling Students

Virtual learning might not always offer these qualities that children seek, so hiring a tutor is a practical option. Here are the reasons why hiring a tutor helps children who are struggling with virtual learning:


Children thrive on attention and personal interaction that may be difficult to achieve in a virtual classroom set-up. A virtual classroom can accommodate upwards of 30 students at a time. Some schools have even included a virtual classroom into the same space as in person, all with one teacher. The teacher has to achieve specific teaching mandates by the end of each of those sessions. 

On the other hand, a tutor can interact with a child, unlike a teacher conducting a classroom. The interaction with a tutor from platforms such as Integral Learning Academy can motivate children to learn. They will have the enjoyment of receiving the interaction that they desire while learning without the stress.

Interaction is a way to keep the children interested in the learning session compared to a classroom where children might get bored and distracted. 

Student-Focused Teaching

A tutor teaches topics and themes based on the progress and feedback of the student. On the other hand, a teacher has targets to reach and bases the lessons on reaching these. The advantage of student-focused teaching is this. A tutor doesn’t move on to a new topic without making sure that the student has fully grasped the concept.

Children learn at different paces. Tutors from tuition centre Singapore are trained to teach from a student-focused angle while ensuring efficient progress. 


Hiring a tutor means that the sessions are student-based. Tutors learn the child’s preferred learning style and creatively teach subject topics. For example, if your child shows interest in visual learning more than listening to lectures, experienced tutors can base explanations on visuals. If a child prefers learning by practical action, tutors can facilitate projects that your child will enjoy to encourage interest in learning the different subjects and topics. It is difficult for a virtual classroom teacher to adopt all the children’s preferred learning styles. 


Virtual learning is based on a schedule that leaves little room for flexibility, take this scenario for example. A tutor may have planned to teach on a particular subject. Then, a child asks a question that indicates a need to review particular topic. In that case, a tutor can focus on the posed questions and continue with the planned topic next session. Children can ask questions in a virtual set-up. However, it is difficult for a teacher to tackle all the questions in that specific learning session individually. 

Hiring a tutor also means that learning times are flexible. Virtual learning time has to be scheduled, which, as a result, may be missed for various reasons. You can hire a tutor and set times that are convenient for you and your child.

Virtual Learning Tutors Learn how hiring a virtual tutor to can help students struggling to keep grades current while online

Parent Involvement 

As a parent, you have to trust that the expert tutor teaches your child to the best of their ability. However, you can ask specific questions regarding the sessions with your child. These can be things such as progress and tutor’s feedback on the sessions. You won’t be able to ask such questions in a virtual classroom set-up. Hiring a tutor means you can get the information you wish you could from your child’s teacher. 

Personalized Report 

After taking part in several sessions with your child, a tutor can provide a personalized report regarding your child compared to virtual learning assessment, which is difficult to conduct on an individual level. Throughout the sessions, a tutor can note the areas that require improvement, the topic subjects that have been grasped, as well as a practical way forward to making sure that your child succeeds in those subject areas.


Tutors are an appreciated support system for teachers, learners, and parents. Virtual learning can be demanding for all parties involved. Tutors can make the learning process easier by providing required interaction with children, ensuring student-focused teaching, getting creative with the material, involving the parent regarding appropriate feedback, and providing personalized reports for the children. You can help your child enjoy the process of learning by encouraging a positive relationship with a hired tutor.

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