I’ve been using Interact Quiz Builder as my main lead generation tool for The Mom Kind for a couple of years now. I’m extremely impressed with how easy it was to create a quiz using their platform. They’ve thought of everything I might need. I had thought about using quizzes for quite some time before giving in. I’m so happy to have finally had the chance to see what the buzz was about!

How I use Interact Quiz Builder :

When it comes to creating quizzes, I typically start with determining a problem that the quiz can help solve. Now, this doesn’t have to be a serious problem. It can be something fun like determining your dream vacation. Most of the time, there’s something that has happened in my day or a question a reader has asked me. From there, I decide on what the possible solutions are to the dilemma. Once that is done, I can map out the right questions to help the reader find the right answer.

Sometimes, I just use a template to get my brain going. There are so many amazing quizzes already made that you can use. These are perfect to either leave as is or edit to make them your own. For those short on time or creativity, these Interact Quiz Builder templates are the perfect way to go.

I love integrating the quizzes into different locations. While many are held right here on our website, social media is the fastest way to get a quiz going. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are amazing places to get targeted leads through Interact Quizzes. For social shares, I often schedule them out via Tailwind so that it goes out at optimal times. You can also share quizzes in your weekly newsletters.

Interact Quiz Builder

My latest quiz is on that was just plug and play. The whole process took me five minutes! You can see my quiz here.

I could have spent hours creating content and freebies on lead generation for my funnel. But with my business, I have so many different things to do in a day and Interact quizzes eliminate the entire discovery process for me. I can now spend my time doing what I do best: helping parents.

What’s even more amazing is you can start on a quiz for FREE and upgrade to a plan with a 14-day free trial. You have to check this out for yourself! 

Click here to sign up for free.

Let me know what questions you have or I can point you to Interact resources if I don’t have an answer for you.

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  1. This is great info! I’m going to have to give this a try. It can be so hard to build a list. So. Hard.

  2. peachthetherapypig

    This is pretty neat actually! I have a tough time with my e-mail list!

  3. I have heard about this then like a lot of things forgot to look into it! Thanks for the reminder to do so!

  4. I have a very low number of email subscribers. I need to work on it using this program. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I never thought that making a quiz could be so beneficial for building a list. This sounds like a smart idea. Ill look into this program for sure.

  6. This is something I need to do to increase email subscribers. Quizzes would be fun! I like it that you can create an account for free.

  7. I haven’t heard of this before, but I like how it incorporates fun quizzes into your routine. I think it would be a great way to engage followers. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Such a helpful info! I have never heard or come across this in the past. I will share to friends too.

  9. I also have never heard of this before. It seems like a great way to engage followers!

  10. I “poll” readers at the end of each article, not necessarily in a quiz format, I plan on re-vamping my newsletters so I will give this a go!

    1. They also offer polls now as well. Which is great for getting subscribers too

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