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The Ultimate Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Autistic Teenagers

Buying presents for teenagers can be tricky! Add an Autism diagnosis, and you may wonder what the perfect gift is. Autistic children express themselves differently and may like different things, but they are children all the same!

Choosing the ideal gift for your child should not be difficult. And, while youngsters on the autism spectrum may appear challenging, they are the kindest and most grateful. It’s not easy for them to articulate it compared to other teenagers.

The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for Teenagers with Autism

The trendy new movies, video games, and hot topics are always a great place to start, just as with shopping for gifts for neurotypical teenagers. If you need a jump start on some of the best gifts this season that your autistic teenager will enjoy, you are in the right spot! Here are 75+ gift ideas for autistic teenagers:


Star Light Galaxy Projector

Having a way to turn your bedroom into a magical sensory experience is the perfect gift for autistic teens. The Star Light Galaxy Projector transforms any room into the most soothing yet vivid starry Nebula clouds and Laser Night Sky. Like a portable planetarium, your teen will get the most relaxing visuals from this galaxy projector. It feels like you’re drifting calmly into space at night.

With 16.7 million colors behind green stars that float across your ceiling walls & multiple brightness settings, you’ll never run out of options with this multiple starlight projector. One can also use pocket projectors like PIQO, which are easy and comfortable. These projectors are very handy and automatic in use. However, it is always a user’s choice what kind of projectors they require, automatic or manual.

If your teen struggles with sleep, this is the device they will love! Since it works with
Alexa & Google, you can get creative with playlists, audiobooks, and voice
commands. Plus, it has a smart sleep shutdown timer and mobile app, so it can turn on
and off automatically anytime you want. Addiction to technology may be a fear of
parents, and the question where can I send my out of control teenager the teen
mental health programs help to improve your teen’s mental health.

Fortunately, if you want to get a hold of this amazing product at a fantastic discount, you can use the Amazon gift finder, which allows you to filter your search by gender, age, price, and gift type. By utilizing this feature, you’ll be assured of being redirected to the merchant with the best price, and you can have it delivered gift-wrapped, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show has many cool features and can even be customized with a “blueprint” for family use. We love using ours to play music, trivia games, and more. You can also make phone calls and use many other skills to make the most of this amazing device.


Custom Keychains

Autistic kids have their favorite special things. If you fully understand his preferences, know his characteristics, and design a customized one-of-a-kind keychain for him, it will make them feel favored and cared for and make him feel happy. Any style and pattern can be customized. If you have an idea, it can be realized on the keychain.


Pokemon is entertaining and still a hot ticket item for all children. Something about Pichacu captures everyone’s attention! The most popular item out there is the set of Pokémon Cards.

Another great option that every Pokémon needs is a binder to organize their collection. There are so many to choose from, including this awesome Charizard one.

Children of all ages share the novelty of collecting rare Pokémon. And the challenge of searching for rare ones makes them even more excited and energized.

Tall Bubble Lamps


Ever thought of bubble lamps or similar items? You can even find them in the form of speakers with Bluetooth to combine with other pieces. These are used in occupational therapy a lot and have amazing benefits, along with being fun! These are great gift ideas for autistic teenagers!

The mesmerizing bubble lamps will create a sensory experience and make the child relaxed and calm.

WordSearch by Goliath Games

The race is on with WordSearch by Goliath Game. This exciting version of the classic hidden word puzzle – turns a solitary activity into a fun group word game as players go on a word search.

Rotate the specially designed circular board to reveal the word that the players will race to find on this turn. Everyone plays simultaneously, and the first player to locate the word marks it with transparent colored tiles.


The Multi-Functional “Pressure Therapy”

Do your teens love intense pressure and sensory of that kind? You place your hand into the squeeze reliever, which strokes and vibrates to produce the neural input your kids love. If your teenager has autism and enjoys sensory input over their hands, the squeeze reliever is a good gift for a child with autism.


Floating 3D Moon Night Light Lamp 

🌕 This unbelievable magnetic levitation moon lamp will leave your autistic teen amazed. The moon night light floats and spins automatically in mid-air freely without any support or contact. This will help them feel calm and present, plus it’s super cool!

Color Smash by Pressman Toys

Slap your way to victory with Color Smash by Pressman Toys. This test of color coordination smashes the splat with the same color and name to win the deck! It’s quick to learn and easy to play! When it comes to great gift ideas for autistic teenagers, ColorSmash is an awesome choice. Pinch Me Therapy Dough

Pinch Me. Therapy Dough is a therapeutic dough with many uses; strengthening hands, lowering anxiety, and having sensory input. It is a fabulous gift idea for autistic teenagers.

Driving Lessons

Teens with special needs may learn differently. You can make driving lessons happen if learning how to drive can be an option. Contact a driving school for extra training. Teenagers with autism require extra practice and must be offered the chance if driving can be a reality.


Noise-canceling headphones

If your autistic teenager struggles with noise, you should acquire a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. There are a ton of options, both with and without speaker capabilities. These wireless noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones are amazing!


Squishmallows are all the rage right now; there is a good reason why! These awesome plushes are so squishy and such a sensory relief! They come in multiple different sizes, colors, and characters. Some varieties even have bellies with sequins or different textures to make it the ultimate sensory toy!

Whether your teen uses them as a pillow, something to squish, or a toy, they will love these Squishmallows. You may even want to order one for yourself!



This is a puzzle game highly recommended by many parents with autistic teenagers. This Star Wars Death Star Perplexus brings amazing lights and sounds to the award-winning range of Perplexus 3-D games!


Large Sensory Pillow

These large sensory pillows provide gentle sensory stimulation with soothing textures. The Sensory Pillow is super soft and comes in very gentle colors. Your teen will love using this at home and on the go!

Slow Rising Squishies

Slow Rising Squishies are all the craze right now, and the reason is so! They give great sensory input and are fun to collect. Some of them, like this jumbo dog-shaped squishy, are scented!

Spaghetti Headz

Spaghetti Headz easily enters a girl’s hair to create a trendy look. Girls with autism find it a simpler option to catch up with the current trends that their counterparts are up to.

XP-PEN Artist13.3 Pro 13.3

If your teen is a budding artist, the XP-PEN Artist13.3 Pro 13.3 will be their perfect gift! It allows them full control to design the most vibrant art without limitations seamlessly!


Sunset Lamp (16 Colors!)

The sunset lamp projector is all the rage this year, and I can see why! It can cast amazing circular lights on the walls, ceiling, and floor. The farther the distance, the larger the projection that can be projected on the wall or ceiling. 

While there are many on the market, we love the one made by Encalife for its quality and 16-color settings!

Gift cards that permit them to practice independence

It can be a Visa card and tries to teach them budgeting, spending, and being independent in society. A great place to get real gift cards at a real discount is

Pin Art

Pin Art is a classic gift that is still awesome/ This can be a fantastic gift idea for autistic teens as they will love capturing 3-D images with pin art.

The WOW cup

The Wow Cup is a great stocking stuffer and practical gift for an autistic teenager. Perfect for those who are unsteady or don’t have great spatial awareness.

Liquid motion bubbler toys for autistic teens

This sensory toy helps regain calm through the soothing repetitive liquid drops falling from top to bottom. Liquid motion bubblers are great gift ideas for autistic teenagers.


Flowing sand panel

The flowing sand panel is a rotating picture frame filled with colored sand that creates unique, relaxing images whenever you flip it over. This is a calming gift idea for autistic teenagers. You can put it in your relaxing area to aid overstimulated students in relaxing.

Fidget Set

Though fidgets were all the rage, they were beneficial. Buying an entire set of fidgets offers a larger variety of toys for your autistic teenager to use.


Pressure vest

Deep pressure provides calming from anxiety and stress. There are a ton made for little kids, but some are made for adult sizes, like these weight vests by Harkla.

Music light show Dj

Music light show Dj is a perfect gift idea for autistic teenagers. The light show provides visual stimulation combined with awesome sounds.

CuberSpeed Rainbow Ball

CuberSpeed Rainbow Ball is in the shape of a ball with 12 holes and 11 colorful balls inside that you fidget to pass balls from one hole to the other. The objective is to scramble the colored balls, then figure out how to get them all back into their matching colored slots in all holes.

The puzzle ball might look simple at first, but this fun, the addictive puzzle will keep kids busy for long periods of time.


Soothing mini volcano toys for an autistic teenager

Set the bubbler down and watch as the “lava” erupts to the surface. This mini volcano bubblier is a great toy for autistic teens. It can be set perfectly on a desk with a mesmerizing volcano flow with special lighting effects.


Get ready to cross-train your brain with a brand new Kanoodle game featuring over 300 puzzle challenges! Features 2-D, 3-D, and NEW sliding 2-D puzzles! From basic to truly tough, hundreds of combinations and hours of fun exist!


Original Tangle with texture

Tangle is one of the favorite fidget-style toys in our home. Twist and shape this fidget how you please, even being able to combine multiple Tangles. There are even different sizes!

Cosmic UFO

Another awesome gift idea for autistic teenagers is the Cosmic UFO projector. The UFO “windows” light up in 3 different sequences. Motion sensor triggers UFO flying sounds.

The UFO plays 2 soothing sounds (Symphony 51 and Warp Drive) and Projects a multicolored Northern Lights effect. There is a 23-minute sleep timer that automatically shuts off lights and sounds.

Soothing Vibrating Roll Pillow

For teenagers with autism, not every present has to be a toy. This Soothing Vibrating Roll pillow features comforting vibration, making it great to hold and squeeze. The pillow’s soft corduroy shell provides an interesting texture for people to rub their hands over.

Deluxe Jellyfish Lamp

Jelly Fish Tank Aquarium Mood Lamp is a perfect gift idea for autistic teenagers. Realistic life-like jellyfish models swim quietly, creating a beautiful, tranquil, peaceful, soothing, deep-sea ambiance for home or office. Immerse yourself in the peace & calm of the ocean.

Fidget roller

A lot of the fidgets on the market are geared toward little kids. Teenagers tend to want to feel more grown-up. These Metal Fidget Rollers are great gift ideas for autistic teenagers.


Penguin Popper

Penguin (and other characters) Poppers are such a blast! They are great for working on hand strength while hilarious to shoot at friends! It’s not quite a Nerf gun, but it’s just as fun!

Teen Talk

Communication is a hard thing for autistic children. Teen Talk is a great gift idea for an autistic teenager. Teen Talk in A Jar had a ton of Discussion starters and icebreakers on just about everything teens want to discuss.

Artie Max The Coding, Drawing Robot

TAKE CREATIVE CODING TO THE MAX! From simple designs to complex code creations, Artie Max translates your code into colorful works of art. Artie Max has creative possibilities with three interchangeable onboard markers, smart sensors, line detection, remote control functionality, a USB rechargeable battery, and more.


Crash Pad

By jumping into a crash pad, autistic teenagers receive a lot of sensory support that provides deep pressure from the leg and knee muscles to the joints, which is good for muscle tone and core strength.

Spinning Lollipop tree

Lollipopter magically transforms from a “swirl” to a “burst” and again in one exquisite motion with a quick twist. To transform it, spin the handle and watch the magic unfold. To change it back, spin it the other way. Intuitive, relaxing, fun…and addictive!

Silver Plasma Lightning Lamp


Another great gift for autistic children is the classic Plasma Lightning Lamp. The base produces high-frequency electromagnetic waves that cause the gases to turn into plasma.

If you touch the ball, the lightning bolts will combine into a strong beam and follow the movement of your finger. Clap your hands to it and watch the pattern in its striking pulsations.

Social Skills Comics for Teens

Social Skills Comics for Kids: Conversational Skills in School Book w/CD is a fantastic gift idea for autistic teens. These 25 comics are designed to show children the expected and unexpected ways to behave in typical school social situations.

Vibes earplugs

Vibes earplugs are perfect gifts for sound-sensitive teenagers with autism. They are made to protect your ears while being virtually invisible to anyone else. Perfect for a teen who doesn’t want bulky headphones on!

The Empathy Game

The Empathy Game is a card game that helps players recognize the importance of empathy, a central component of emotional intelligence. As children try to read other players’ nonverbal cues and guess how they’ve responded to Question Cards, they practice this skill in a fun way.


DSLR Camera

Noticing the extra details can lead to some awesome careers. Encouraging art is a great gift for a child with autism. There are all sorts of amazing cameras out there to choose from.

My favorite is the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III Digital Camera, Video Creator Kit since it has everything they need to get started.

This or that

Another great game, This or That, is a quick, clever, get-to-know-you game that is great for starting conversations and building friendships.

Web Riderz web swing

This awesome Web Riderz web swing can hold up to 600 lbs, so it is a swing that will last quite some time!

Kanoodle Duplexity

Kanoodle Duplexity puts your brainpower to the test with 200 magnetic puzzle challenges. It includes 28 two-color magnetic pieces, 100 double-sided challenge cards, and a carrying case that doubles as a playboard. These great gift ideas for autistic teenagers build spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.


Heavy-Duty Enclosed Trampolines

Another great gift idea for autistic teenagers is a heavy-duty enclosed trampoline like this one from SkyWalker. Trampolines are a great resource for sensory-seeking autistic teenagers who crave proprioceptive/vestibular sensory input.

Sensory integration products and activities like trampolines help regulate their bodies to be more content, calm, focused, and ready to learn.



CamoPod Hanging Cocoon Chair Hammock is another great gift idea for autistic teenagers. It provides a perfect place to read, do homework, or relax to some tunes. 


Sculptapalooza is the hilariously creative, entertaining, squishy, squashy sculpting party game! Scultapalooza is a Fast-Paced family game: teams race against the clock to sculpt, guess, and win five crazy categories: sculpt with your eyes closed, sculpt a prop to act out your scene, or tag-team play in the Lightning round.


Cocoon Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags are awesome but often too small for teenagers. The Cocoon Bean Bag Chair is a perfect size! Sinking in this cozy chair can help autistic teenagers relax and relieve pressure.

Large Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets have insanely huge benefits for autistic teenagers. They help relieve anxiety and provide a sense of calm. You can read all about the benefits of weighted blankets here.


Slime Kits

Who doesn’t like slime? Not counting when it gets into your couch, slime is a favorite of most kids and teens. Getting your autistic teenager a slime kit will provide hours of creativity and sensory input.

Blue Tooth light spinner

Fidget spinners were a quick fad that started with real benefits. They provide sensory input along with help focusing on those with ADHD and similar diagnoses. The Bluetooth Light Up Spinners are the new version and are perfect gift ideas for autistic teenagers.

Patterned Fluorescent light filters

Patterned Fluorescent light filters reduce glare and flickering, creating a calming work environment. They attach to standard ceiling fluorescent light fixtures with super-strong, built-in magnets that keep filters in position.


Soothing sands

Something is soothing about sand running through your fingers. Kinetic sand is an awesome way to get that same sensation while molding and playing with it. There are a ton of different colors to fit any personality.


Asperger’s on the Job Book

Asperger’s on the Job is a must-have advice book for those who have autistic teenagers. Written by an accomplished young man on the spectrum, Rudy Simone, this book addresses many of the issues and challenges that those on the autism spectrum face on the job, including social blunders, sensory issues, and bullying by coworkers.


Mediterraneo Stand and Chair

This stylish and space-saving Mediterraneo hammock chair system is perfect for tight spaces. It is exceptionally durable, with a 287-pound weight-bearing capacity, and is made of rust-resistant powder-coated steel.

B-Calm Headphones

The b-Calm Headphone system differs from most noise-reduction earmuffs in that this system features comfortable headphones with audio-engineered “acoustic shield” tracks. These tracks feature designed white noise that makes typically distracting noises unnoticeable to the listener. It also features soothing nature tracks to help calm and recenter agitated special needs students.

Use them to help students block out distracting noises to help with focus or protect special needs kids from overstimulation.

Lunar Light Show

This detailed, photorealistic moon isn’t just for show– use it to make your stellar light display! The Lunar Light Show can be controlled via a remote to emit beautiful hues and blinking patterns. Place it in any room to create a beautiful display of light and color.

Buddy talk

Buddy Talk is a creative and engaging game that allows for hilarious conversations and discussions to spark with every question in seconds! Since it is small and portable (think travel-sized!), it is perfect for the on-the-go.


Calming sensory room

Creating a perfect calming space for your autistic teenager can go a long way! Though you can’t wrap it in a box, it is still a perfect gift idea for autistic teenagers.

The Autism Playbook for Teens

The mindfulness-based activities in The Autism Playbook will help teens calm their minds, relax, have fun, and build better relationships. Through systematic exercise, teens will develop their ability to concentrate, detect cues from their environment, and manage their experiences of emotions positively and proactively. Relatable stories throughout the book offer support and practical examples for teen readers.

Social Skills Bingo for Teens

Do you need a fun new activity to help the teens you work with to learn about social skills? The Social Skills Bingo Game for Teens features conversational prompts to get your students talking and learning about social attitudes and behaviors.


Magnetic Ring Fidgets

The magnetic ring fidget toy is an excellent choice for a premium present. As a pocket-size toy, your autistic teen can play with this fidget anywhere!

Wristful fidget

Your child will love wearing the Wristful fidget. It feels like a wearable bean bag. It’s filled with small pellets sewn inside stretchy spandex that’s fun to stretch and squeeze. Best of all, this item is discreet – it looks like a sports wristband!

Foot fidgets

Physical therapists design the foot fidget with years of experience supporting students with special needs. It gives your autistic teenager some discreet movement opportunities to help with attention and focus.

The Original Buddha Board

The Original Buddha Board– Fill the stand with water. Then dip in the bamboo brush (included) & start drawing, painting & writing. You’ll create soft, beautiful images with a rich, inky Japanese look. Appreciate your creation at the moment, and then, as the water evaporates and your masterpiece slowly fades away, practice the art of letting go.


Sirius Vibrating Massage Pillow

Many children with sensory difficulties love soothing vibrations. Now, you can provide this stimulation with the popular, pressure-activated Sirius Vibrating Massage Pillow! It starts vibrating as soon as you squeeze it. Children love to sit on top of the pillow, lean on it, or hug it to feel the relaxing and calming vibrations.

Abraka rings

There is just something visually mesmerizing about the Abraka Rings. Two solid metal rings appear to turn inside out, but they never flip. Reverse the direction you turn the rings, and the effect looks different.


Zen Garden

Soothing and proper tactile activity for teenagers with autism. A Zen Garden provides the perfect resource for sensory breaks. This set includes a pound of soft white sand, a wood sculpting tool, a sand roller, a stone inscribed with the Japanese symbol for “Peace,” and a bamboo tray.

The Aspie Teens Survival Guide

During the teenage years, being social is the number one priority for kids. But for kids with Asperger’s who have acute social challenges, these years can be the most difficult, confusing time.

Enter J. D. Kraus, a young man who has been there and done that! He offers practical advice to his peers to get the most out of middle and high school academically and socially. From sensory sensitivity to awkwardness, dating to driving, The Aspie Teens Survival guide tackles it all!

Playable Art ball

The Playable Art Ball is another fun gift idea for autistic teenagers. A mesmerizing sensory item that twists and moves to create various designs and shapes. This item is perfect for kids, teens, and adults who are highly visual. It is a fun, quiet activity that can be taken anywhere!


LED Fiber Optic Softie

By far the priciest gift ideas for autistic teenagers, but an amazing resource that your teen would use endlessly. The LED Fiber Optic Softie is the ultimate when it comes to sensory room accessories.

The Wipe Clean Fiber Optic Softie provides an amazing interactive sensory experience for your students with autism and sensory needs. Students will love sinking into the soft bean bag chair and interacting with the attached fiber optics.

The fiber optics are safe – no electricity flows through them. They are illuminated using light from an attached calming light source.

Personalized Krazy Straws

Personalized gifts are so hot at the moment. It is fun and inexpensive. The Krazy Namesake Straws are a fun way to tell everyone this is your drink!

Gift Ideas for Autistic Teenagers

Finding the right gift ideas for autistic teenagers may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. These specialty items and ideas can work well with autistic teenagers and are socially appropriate. During shopping, you should consider the development age of the teenager you are shopping for. Let us know which of these 75+ gift ideas for autistic teenagers was your favorite in the comments below!