Exercise is essential, but working out when you have knee pain can be a real challenge. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to find time for fitness, you now need to think about the best exercises that won’t aggravate your existing problem. While you might be feeling overwhelmed tackling this challenge on your own, this blog can set you on the right path. There are plenty of ways to maintain your fitness levels without straining your knees – choose the one that works best for you.

Top workouts for people with knee pain

Remember that if you have recently suffered a knee injury, the best thing is to rest and recuperate. Try using kt tape for knee swelling or invest in a knee brace if your condition persists. Always consult your doctor to make sure any exercise plan is suitable for you and your body.

Exercise is important but working out when you have knee pain can be a real challenge There are several ways you can maintain your fitness levels without straining your knees just choose the one that works best for you kneepain fitness workout


Used by lots of athletes when in rehabilitation, swimming is perfect for anyone experiencing knee pain. You’ll be using your whole body in the water, giving you the chance to develop more than just one muscle – and your knees won’t have to work too hard either.

Unlike exercises above ground, swimming doesn’t put much pressure on your joints. If swimming isn’t your cup of tea, consider water aerobics to start with.

Going for a walk

If your knee pain is particularly severe or your injury isn’t fully healed yet, walking can be one of the best ways to exercise. While it won’t elevate your heart rate in the same way as a run or jog, walking is low impact and can still help you keep your body in shape.

Try to walk faster to feel the benefits or increase your incline if your knee feels up to it. Going up steep hills while hiking can be a real challenge and helps you build the muscles in your legs.

Bodyweight training

Lifting heavy weights can put a lot of strain on your knees, but bodyweight training can be a lot easier to handle. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you’ll be able to gain just as much muscle as you can with weights.

While you might struggle with some types of squats and lunges, you’ll soon be able to find a wide range of movements that work for you. Lots of pilates workouts are designed for people with various types of injuries, so consider finding an instructor to help you tailor your routine to your needs.

Stationary bike

Cycling is a considerably lower impact exercise than running, making it a popular choice amongst knee problems. However, a stationary bike is better for more severe knee problems than mountain biking, as this more extreme activity has a higher risk of injury.

You can easily control the settings on a stationary bike and go at your own pace. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about getting tired partway through. If your knee pain will get better with time, you may be able to take up mountain biking in the future as you build up strength.

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